Monday, September 21, 2009


it's really hurt when that words come out from your mouth. i know it's a fact and i cant change anything bu i just hope that you can give me another chance, can you?

it's hurt!
p/s: i hate you! i hate all these.i just want to be normal.why me? and i ask the same question again since i stop for so many months.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hard Rock Hotel

wake up early in the morning, because we need to go Hard Rock is their open day, so many people and reporters are there.

Hard Rock Hotel really ROCK!!!damn grand!i so love it. addicted to stay there and play all the facilities they have. XD they have a very big swimming pool which is the biggest in Penang and its only 1.4m deep. i still can stand in.hehe. they still a gym room which have aerobic, ballet and other classes. besides, they still have baby sitter room. although they have only one ball room but it can accomodate around 280 people and it design until very nice. XD

its beach view room and view the sea view and the romantic.XD it has one King Suite which has it's own swimming pool but it only open for VIP.

i really so love this hotel. xD Hard Rock , you really ROCK man! XD


after morning class, we all went to gurney. but too many people there so went to butterworth. watched Where Got's funny and abit shock..

i just found out that butterworth sell things really cheap.although those are branded shop and the price should be same, but at sunway carnival, all the stuff are cheaper than penang. next time can go to butterworth shopping dy.LMAO!

nothing special for today.goodnight.=)

love. x)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Random Post

long time dint update my blog dy. lately my life kinda bored.everyday college,home,assignment,DVD or games. dint go out dint meet people. not in the mood to go out or meet people, dont know why. just hope that can stay in my house or room alone with my laptop or DVD or handphone.x)

although no internet, sometimes will feel boring, but i still quite happy with this. lately i damn hate to go out. perhaps too pressure or girls' sick?? no ideas. just want my HANDPHONE , DVDs and LAPTOP.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


went to gurney starbucks in the afternoon. sit there online whole afternoon.
was so bored but we still don't want to do assignment. xD
it's so lazy to take out the paper and search the information so just give up and continue play
almost wanna go to have our dinner then movie, love you beth cooper. x)
oh ya, here are two 經典名句 by ah han. x]
1. 不在乎天長地久,只在乎能撐多久
2. 我不是隨便的人, 但我隨便起來就不是人.