Monday, December 17, 2012

XParty by XPAX

Last Saturday, XPAX had organize a party at ROOM, Auto City and I was invited to join the party. This is the second time I went to Room. The event started at 7pm until late night. Get the VIP entrance and also the ticket to redeem the beer which is free flow all night long. 

The XPAX booth
 A booth was set outside the room, for people to register and get a free entrance to join this party. Beside, people can also reload or buy their sim pack in this booth.

Some pretty girls at the booth to
 help on registration.

The VXP entrance.

When we were there, quite many of the people already here. It was so crowded in the club!And of course, the 3 pretty DJs are on stage playing the music. They were really pretty and amazing. The remix were so cool!

DJ Amely:

She is really hot!! Of course, she play an awesome music too!

Yeahhhhhhhhhh, Sexy Lady - 
Not only the awesome DJ in the house, there's also some performance which arrange by XPAX. They invite 3 sexy ladies to dance on stage. Their sexy move match the cool music, it's just so perfect and great performance, create a great atmosphere and everyone were so high! Let's the below picture tell you how sexy are them.

Sorry for party rocking - 
After the sexy ladies, here come the handsome guys for their street dance. A group of 4 guys come up to stage and shows their street dance follow the music played by the DJ. The party people were attracted by their move. 

Everybody rocks tonight, we just wanna see you, shake that - 
It's not about music and dance only. Like the LMFAO, they work together with the club and had arrange a great and special performance with the laser light on that night. It's so hard for me to explain by words, let's show you some photo and you will understand it.

The climax of the night - Fire Burning on the Dance Floor!!
A real fire burning on the dance floor is happen in ROOM by XPAX!!! They had invite a malay gut to perform or we call it play fire on the stage. Let's check out the photo below and you will know how great the performance was:

This performance is really hold your breath! When he playing with the 3 bottle which already put on fire, all the party people were so nervous and worried for him. But of course, he did not disappointed everyone, some more play it so well until everyone give him a big applaud! What I can say?! A salute for him!

This great experience is so hard to describe to you by words, you are also hardly feel it unless you were there at that moment. It's really a great party and I was so enjoy all the night. Thanks to XPAX for giving me this opportunity to join such event.

Ending this post with the group photo with other bloggers.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


XPLAY is Back, Party People!

By now, you would know that XPLAY is *THE* party series of the year. Last year, we hit clubs in Sunway, JB, KK and Penang, bringing hot local, regional and even international acts to light up your nights and it was absolutely craaaaaazy! Crazy awesome, that is. 

XPLAY is Back: Sexier, Bolder and Bigger Than Ever!

This time round XPLAY is going to show how the ladies do it. We’ve got 15 top hottest female DJs from Italy, Ukraine, Thailand, Singapore and from all over the world, including our homegrown DJs. They’ll be hitting up some of the hottest clubs in Melaka, Kuching, KL, Penang and KK and you’re invited to party with them all night long!

The first three XPLAY parties hit Melaka, Kuching and KL and they were EXPLOSIVE! Mixx Club, Rush Artistry and Aquasonic were jam packed with awesome clubbers and we promise the next upcoming parties are just gonna be better and better! 

Next stop, XPLAY is heading to Penang, so Penangites STAND UP! We heard you guys are massive party rockers and Xplay wants to challenge YOU to come party hard with us. It’s Time To Muxic with Xplay at :

Venue : Room, Penang.
Date : 15 December 2012
Time : 8pm till late night

Get ready for these SEXY DJs to spice up your night with beats to die for:


The second hottest female DJ to walk the earth is gonna blow your mind away and drive you crazy. She has the beauty, beats and also the MOVES. This hottie has been all over the world and she’s gonna show you an awesome night.


All the way from Taipei, this gorgeous DJ started her career at only the age of 20. Her immaculate taste in music accompanied by her awesome style of video mixing will pump up your evening big time. What’s more awesome? She was even an opening act for Pitbull once so be thrilled guys!


Started of on keyboards and now to the DJ decks! This gorgeous lady has been a pioneer female DJ in Malaysia since 2001! Also known to be Malaysia’s No.1 RnB & HipHop Shejay so get ready peeps! She’s gonna pump up the beats and bring her swag to the dancefloor.

Sign Up Now to Get Invited!

The best thing about these awesome parties is that you can get in and party with us for FREE! All you have to do is check out, sign up and get your FREE invites! When you’re all done, just print and show your email invite at the entrance to gain FREE admission to this amazing party!

SO if you want to be in on the most awesome party series of the year, you better check it out NOW!
To make your party experience even MORE awesome, on the event day, make sure you check out again to unlock special privileges such as free drink vouchers, a chance to meet the DJs up-close and personal plus loads of other freebies all day long for the ultimate clubbing experience all night long. These exclusive freebies are only for the event day itself so you wouldn’t want to miss out on them!

Party VXP Style with Your Friends

Wanna get VXP treatment and party in style with your friends? Just send XPLAY to 22188 and reload RM50 before 13 December 2012 for a chance to grab 10 of these exclusive passes!

The Cube Gets You Partying Too!

To get the party started, dial *888# and download “Xplay Best in Dance” Call Me Tones on The Cube, available from 15 November 2012 – 31 December 2012.

Are you ready to have the time of your life? You can’t miss this biggest, most happening party of the year isn't?! 

See you there!