Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Mr. Puvin's Wedding

Last Saturday was my lecturer - Mr. Puvin's BIG DAY, his wedding. He held at BM, due to I have no idea how to get there, so I sit Liji's car together with Joanne. Sadly, our batch left three of us, Bongkot and Sanjeetha only. 

Nothing much to say, let the pictures tell you what happen that day. :D

Mr. Puvin and his wife. 

Bongkot was lost, took few hours to

With her parents. 

A group photo.
Lastly, wish Mr. Puvin & his wife


Monday, December 05, 2011

I Love Travel - Cameron Highland

Went to Cameron Highland with family. Was so enjoy and have a lot of fun over there. Sadly my elder sister and her husband couldn't join us, else will be more fun. xD

Was rain when we were there, but luckily not rain for the whole day, we still managed to visit some of the place. :D

We went there two days one night. Depart from Friday morning, went to Ipoh have a breakfast only continue the journey.

Have dim sim at the famous place in Ipoh.

Ipoh version. LOL
It tooks about one and half hour from Ipoh to Cameron Highland. We reached there around 2pm.
We check in at Titiwangsa Hotel. When we wanted to go out grab some lunch, it start raining. :/

The hotel opposite ours, looks

While waiting for the rain to stop.
 The rain seems can't stop. Due to too hungry, we went for lunch when the rain not that heavy.

Went to this restaurant for our lunch. 

Mum introduce us the famous food there.
Like very pro. lol

Seafood tomyam.


This vege you can only find in Cameron.
because it need to plant in a very
cold place.

Chicken with nut.
The food in that restaurant was not bad, but the price was so expensive. Perhaps it's tourist spot so everything have to be expensive as the targets were TOURISTS. *why must expensive for tourist?*

After lunch, we went to a shop which beside the restaurant to buy some souvenir.
everything here were so nice~

Strawberry soap. Very strong of strawberry smell.

Rose tea. My favor. 
 Then we headed to cactus and strawberry farm.

some key chain as souvenir. 

The strawberry over were so damn BIG.

Enjoying pluck the strawberries.

She was so excited seeing those BIG
strawberries. LMAO

The result. 

Just like a kid. 

Buying souvenir. 

Daddy so geng. Was so cold overthere
still asked me to buy ice cream and
share. lol

Strawberry fondue. 


Bought a plant, RM 10 only. 

At night, we went to the only one night market over there. Have nothing to do at night at Cameron Highland, only night market. The life over there was so peaceful, I don't think I can live there long. =X
It's honey. 

So delicious~ yummy
After that, we went back to hotel to have our steamboat dinner. It's free by the hotel but the dishes were LIMITED. lol

The next day we went to the nearest market. Not much things to see over there, so went back hotel, bath and packed everything. Check out then went to the bigger market. Mummy wanted to buy some vege and we headed to Rose Farm before we back to Penang.

Two aunty negotiating. 

Sis Joey and her boyfriend, Calvin.

Mummy and her friends. hehe

The flowers were so nice~


I love ROSES. especially creamy one. 

The sun flower really nice over there. BIGGGG~ 

The mountain scene. 

Our horoscope.

Snow white and the dwarfs.

On the way back to Penang, we passed a Chinese temple which located at Ipoh, we then went in and pray.

Was really enjoyed throughout the whole trip. Sometimes, some place going with family was really great. :D But some you just couldn't because different environment and different activities. haha~ :P