Friday, June 01, 2012



Still remember my last post about SOX event at KL? Now, it reaches PENANG!!
Last Saturday, I went to their workshop which held at Dewan Tunku Komtar Dome.  The event was start at 9am. After the emcee welcome speech and briefing, activities begin.
There are two part of the workshop, one is dancing lesson, and another one is basketball training session.
The dancing session was lead by two dancing teacher, follow by a group of Union School students. You can see the photo below:

The teacher taught them some hip hop technique and they were so happy and concentrate on the lesson.
While the other side was the basketball player have their training lesson and prepare  for tomorrow competition.

They were training hard on it.

At night, they have a mini prom for the teenage to chill before the competition start tomorrow.
This event has been held few places within Malaysia. All winners will get to go KL for the final. Grand final will be held at MABA Stadium Kuala Lumpur on 3rd of June.  It’s not only grand final for the dance, drums hoops, but also it will have Altimet and Mizz Nina to performance on that day!! Don’t miss out this precious chance to meet Altimet and Mizz Nina!!

For the result, please check it out at :