Monday, September 17, 2012

I Love Travel - Like A Boss in Bali

Once a year, getaway from Malaysia with my girls. Last year was Phuket in Thailand: beautiful and happening island; This year, we went to Bali in Indonesia: another beautiful island but this time more to peaceful and slow island. 

Journey begin: Took a public bus somewhere near my house to Jetty, and then took the ferry to Butterworth Railway Station, follow by the train to Kuala Lumpur and the next day, we sat flight to Bali. This is my first time ever to act like a traveler, a real traveler. xD

Start my journal in Bali with tons of photo below ;) 


AirAsia - AK 1362 @ 1050, journal begin......

Blue sky, white cloud
The peaceful island
Bali Starbucks Cup Design
 We reached there around 1350, met Novelle who came from SG alone and the driver from the villa came to airport and pick us up.
The girls
Non-stop eating. 
Our Villa - UMA VILLA!
 We made a reservation of two room villa, but they upgrade us to three room. What a lucky one.

Inside of the villa.
Private pool in the house! 
 Can straight jump into the pool from the master bedroom. By just looking at the villa design, it did really create a feeling of #likeaboss

Master bedroom
The amenities

The bath tube of the bedroom.
Another King Size Bed

King Twin Bed
 We took a short rest in the villa, then our tour guide - Wira come and pick us to his restaurant for dinner then Kuta for shopping. His restaurant serve super delicious Pork Rib which you couldn't find in Penang, neither those famous German Restaurant. The pork rib was so juicy and the meat isn't that hard at all. His grill prawn also delicious, the smell of grill is fabulous! Sadly I didn't took the photo, was too hungry and already fascinated by the food.


Woke up in the early morning, have a morning swim while waiting the people to prepare us the breakfast in the house!

Morning swim is so good. :D


Beautiful sun shine in Bali.

English breakfast full
of the table.
 After the breakfast, we headed to white water rafting. Went once at Phuket, which is man-made river. As per our tour guide, this one is the natural one. We were so excited of it.

Guess whose fingers?

A hand-made decoration
 which all family well-known
 - to pray to the god

Well - prepared for the exciting water rafting
The river
One of the guider. 
Act like muscular man. 

Sailor moon 

It wasn't like what I thought. The river was not so fast like what we did in Phuket. It was slow, sometimes a little fast but still not up to the level as I thought. Perhaps it's natural one so they couldn't make it as fast and excited as in Phuket. How about raining heavily a day before? Maybe it will turn to different way. :D

After a tired activity, we just went to Kuta for dinner and of course, usual activity of girls - SHOPPING!!

Kuta Street.

I just love this picture so much.

Our spoils.

We went for side-seeing. Due to the distance of one place to another is super far in Bali, we just manager to go 3place in one day.
Cam whore in the car

Acting cute

Acting cool


A funny story behind.
First of all, we went for the famous Babi Guling in Bali. The skin was crispy and the meat is juicy and soft, wasn't hard to chew at all.
Trying to promote the camera

Eh....? Sexy lady. xD

Such a big coconut which cost only

Babi Guling rice.
 After the lunch, we went to one of the famous temple in Bali. I forget the name that Wira told me. I just remember many prayers will come to this temple to get washed by the holy water. They believe that the holy water could wash all the bad and dirty thing or minded from them.
The first god statue when u
just enter the temple.

The door of the temple

She took our picture

while I'm taking hers.

The holy water.
 The believe that there's different purpose of the holy water that come out from the different hole; some is to wash away the nightmare, or the spirit that annoyed them, or before marry and so on.

The prayer is praying sincerely before
they get washed by the holy water.

They believe it bring lucks to them.
Before enter to the main temple,
we need to wear their sarung.

The wall door in Bali are
mostly separate by half

Another statue. 


A ceremony is on going

It will bring lucks, perhaps?

They pray.

And get washed.

Go one by one until end of the hole.

The god.

The material that they use to pray the god

Sun shine on the girls.
After the temple, we straight went for our dinner in Ku De Ta. Ku de Ta is a fine Dining restaurant which by the sea. But we couldn't eat on the beach, it's only for a drink.

Dinner side

Drinking side
Still early when we back to villa, we decided to have night swim and a nice liquor by the pool. 
Nice liquor bought at airport.
Night swim!
What more? Live like a boss, life like this I really have nothing to say! 


Came to Bali but haven't meet the sea yet? NO WAY! Last day before we leave, went for the water activities at Nusa Dua and of course, the most amazing time - sun bathing at dreamland.

We bought package, include: parachute, flying fish, banana boat and also jet ski. 

White waiting for parachute. 

I'm flying~! 

After all the activities,
we were all wet.
 Among the four activities, me personally like the flying fish, it was so stimulate, flying half way above the sea. The parachute not bad too, can fly in the sky, look at the beautiful island, unfortunately, it just fly for a while, not even 5 minutes I think. *sweat*

After that, we went further down to Dreamland, the place where we finally can have sun bathing - a proven of we came to Bali before *as what Juvenn said* lol

It become darker, save cost on refilling. xD
 We spent around 4 - 5hours at Dreamland. Guess what? I get sun burn!!! Pain like hell on the shoulder especially when I wanted to sleep at night. After sun bathing, we went to another famous temple, named Ulu Watu. Ah-ha, this time i remember the name! It is famous of monkeys. There are tons of monkey running around the temple, they are wild monkey, no people take care. Wira warn us not to bring any food in the pocket and beware of our belonging as the monkeys will grab it.

The temple is the highest temple which is at the end of the cliff. Wira told us that sometimes the people in the temple will feel shaking due to the sea water hit on the cliff.

The monkey. I was shaking during the whole journey.

The cliff.

At the back is where the temple located

I've been to the end of earth. xD

The sea water and the sound of the wave

I'm on the end of earth. lol

It's facing the Indian Ocean.
 Looking at the Indian Ocean, the sea water hit on the rock, the sound of the wave; all these things were once make me so comfortable and peaceful while I'm standing over there, looking at the sky. It's so wonderful that I can escape from the busy and fast speed town and came to such slow speed lifestyle. I have once forget everything in the life and feel like I'm standing on the middle of the sea, become one part of the natural.

Sunset beside the temple


We then go further into the temple, and watch the fire dance - a very famous dance which bring out a story behind. It didn't have any instrument to produce the background music nor the sound effect, the sound are all sing by 70members.

The climax of the show

The bad guy in the show

 DAY 5

AirAsia - QZ 8395 @ 1620  Goodbye Bali

On the plane back to KL
 Was really live like a boss in Bali, the lifestyle at Bali is very slow, they do not have happening night life party nor big and branded shopping mall, but their life is peaceful. I really enjoy over there. Due to not much time, we couldn't visit all the famous place in Bali, but all these days had already carve in my memory, wonderful my life. I Love Travel, can't wait to go for the next trip. :D

- END -