Monday, April 25, 2011

Celcom S.O.X. All Stars Drum & Dance

I was asked to participate a sponsor post which I just need to attend an event called Celcom S.O.X. All Stars Drum & Dance at Jawi on 16th & 17th of April and blog about it.

Did you all heard about this event before?? For me, I had totally no ideas of what is that event about, until i went there to see. It's to challenge students below 18 years old in their drumline and cheer dance. It is seek to be the largest inter-school  cheer dance competition. This time is the second time of the event as last year already held at National Stadium at Kuala Lumpur.

It's a two days event which Saturday is a workshop day while Sunday is the competition day. I can't manage to go on both day as I was busy working, even Sunday also I can't stay back late as I'm rushing to other station. How sad. :(

The event start at 6.30am until 4pm but before the event finished, i had already go back.=/ The competition start at 10am. Luckily I manage to reach there before 10am. :D

MC of the day was a DJ from but i don't know his name. :X  First group to performance was a team named MACHINE which their team members are all the boys, some of them look so small but they manage to play such a big drum!! I'm feel so proud of him. LOL  After that, followed by a girls' cheer dance and the first team was Vivacious Junior!!

The sequence of the competition goes like this: one team for drum, then followed by cheer dance. Drum was took part by all the boys and cheer dance was took part by all the girls. Me, myself like to see Titans Junior, one of the cheer dance team. I feel that they are so charming and energetic, totally represent the young team show their young power!!

There are two groups which is very special enough for me that I want to mention here. They are SGGS drumline and PIRATES cheer dance team. You know why?? Because SGGS is the only girls who play drum and PIRATES is the only boys cheer leading. I admire them! :D

I went back before the result release. BUT, i still get to know the result through their Facebook page. Here the result :

I feel that it's a very nice event but sadly i can't attend both day and I just can be there for a while. :( I really hope that next year will held again and this time will held at Penang. XD  If you have chance, you must go and have a look. It's really amazing! (:

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Eastern & Oriental Hotel

I'm not going to talk about E & O hotel in this post, what i want to say is, i already start my TRAINING LIFE on 1st April 2011 which is just 5days ago.

First department is Front Office and my first week task was Fruit Basket. i walked the whole hotel to send Fruit Basket to all the occupied room. Had learned the types of room, but still confusing with the room number. =/ perhaps i should put more effort uh, Product Knowledge Test is coming soon!! Passing marks is 60%. :(

Today is Orientation day and learned a lot in this orientation. Makes some friends which are from Taylor's College. They said Diploma need to prepare 40K if you want to study over there. WTH??!!! Expensive right? But it's famous college, what to do? :/

Nothing much to tell, because I just started my training there. Still have 3months to go. Have to pay more attention and put more effort, do my best to show people that I'm not a vase. ;)