Thursday, April 30, 2009

Make it happen

went to queensbay with JoeEe and 2 of her friends.she came my house and fetched me.reached there around 3.3opm.they plan to watched Uninvited but unfortunately,Queensbay dont have so we choose to watch Make It Happen at 4pm.
the story is about a girl who love to dance and she wanted to go in a dance school study.but she failed the interview and she meet a girl who work in Ruby's club.her friend introduce her to work at there as a clerk.a day, one of the popular dancer cannot come and she replace that time, she became popular.she dance so sexy.she meet a guy who work as DJ in the club and she fall in love with him too. (the guy not bad looking. xD)she apply to the second interview again and at the end, she was choosen.=) i love dancing so i love this movie.her dance was very nice and sexy.i wish i can become her a day. xD i rank this show 5star because i love guys can watched it if you are interested in dancing.=)

after movie, we straight went back home.

Joke from WayHang




他问那个看起来最大的小孩: “你叫什么名字?”












园长笑眯眯地说,“回家去吧。” 于是王小强也走了。




Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A day with them

no class for today.woke up late because yesterday night i didn't sleep well due to sore throat.after bathing,waited TzeMing come my house fetched me.i guided him to Prangin find the others,Max,Manfred,AhChuan,WenJiat,JiaYing and YiChian.

JiaYing bought a bag and me and TzeMing had our lunch at 6OOcc.then we all off to gurney watched movie.i planed to watch Uninvited,but the time not suitable us so at the end we choose to watch Paul Blart: Mall Cop at 3.10pm.

the movie very funny.we keep laughing inside the cinema.and the story not bad.=) the girl very pretty too,she has ywo big eyes. x) but the most funny is the UNCLE who sit in front us.he watched the movie alone and he keep laugh although the part not funny at all.he laugh until very weird,all people in cinema laugh at

after movie,YiChian went back home because she got to fetch her mama while we went to A&W have a drink and chatting.walked around then AhChuan fetched JiaYing and WenJiat back home.i followed TzeMing's car so i went to gurney drive with Max,Manfred and TzeMing.met my sister and May there.we sit there chatting until 8.30pm only went back home. have fun and i really enjoy the day with them.=)

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Sniper

daddy wake me up because we had ceremony of praying my grandpa.when i walked out my room, i saw many people sit in my living room.== while waiting, me and my sister, Joey and Brenda play with my little cute sister,Alicia.

after having my lunch, i went out with him.we went to Gama to buy my formal shirt which tuesday i need to wear to school.after that, we off to gurney.we watched The Sniper,7.20pm.

this show not bad.the story,and also the people.=) i like it and i rank it 4star. x) you all can go to watch it.

this is my little sister,Alicia. she very cute right?x)

Party! Party!

last saturday chuan organised a beach party at Paradise's a birthday party although his birthday is on 29th of april.i meet wen jiat and jia ying at gurney and we waited for yi chian's friend to fetch us.

there was too dark until we can't find ah chuan's group at the end, we saw a group of people who wear red shirt.he invited a lot of friends, some are secondary's friends, some are basketball friends and also hang out friends?of course, and his gang in SEGi.=)
we four are the earliest among our gang.max,manfred and tze ming reached there around 10pm because they lost.x) [they are from mid land and perak] follow by deng jin and his girlfriend.

we played and took photo.around 12am, we sit tze ming's car went to 7-11 and we bought carlsberg, drink and chat.after jia ying and wen jiat went back, me,yi chian,manfred,max and tze ming sit in the car chatting while chuan went to clean the beach.(he said no need ours help so not our fault.)=P we saw a huge mak rempit there while the police chasing them.x)
reached home around 3am.

p/s: photo will be upload soon.

Monday, April 20, 2009


finally pc had over.i worked as a promoter for Imation at pc fair 3days.was very tired because i need to stand from 11am - 9pm.if had a lot of customer we had to postpond until 9something only can leg damn pain and damn tired.everyday back home straight went to sleep until the next day.LOL! saturday and sunday had a lot of people, especially sunday.all people came to pisa early in the morning,all people waited at outside until the people announce that can come in.== i wonder why so many people so like to go,like all things are free wan.make me wanna rest also cannot.XD finally,it's over but i still need to wait around 1month only can get my salary.GOSH~~ what a company is that?==

today is my first class.wake up 11.30am although very tired after work.went to fetch deng jin then college.reached there around 2pm.almost all people had reached.due to today is first day class,so our lecturer,Mr.David dint start his class but want us to introduce ourselves and write down what we expect to learn from financial accounting.== what a boring day some more the class's air cond got problem.damn hot. but luckily,tomorrow we had our own course's orintation at 10am - 12pm. x)







孝 男:潘根科

孝 媳:池氏


孝 孙:潘道时















她喜歡穿緊身的低胸 T-Shirt 以及迷你短裙。


直到那一天,我未來的小姨子 Call 我,讓我去看看請柬的準備情況。







門外,我未來的岳父大人濁淚橫流,給了我一個惡狠狠的擁抱:good boy,我們家的測試你已經通過了,歡迎你加入到我們的大家庭。
這個故事告訴我們 ......... 保險套放在車上是對的!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Orientation Day

Day 1

monday was Segi College's orientation day.the marketing people told me that is 9am - 5pm so i reached there around 9am.called deng jin,he just wake up.and he told me that already change time.started from 10am - 3.30pm.wth.i sit in the car waited until 10am.LOL!went up to 7th floor,jia ying and yi chian were there.sit with them.

the orintation start with principal's give a introduction od SEGI college.around 11am we had our breakfast at Cafe Teria.then back to the hall and continue.12pm lunch break again.== me and jia ying follow our new friends have lunch.they bring us to a very high class restaurant.LOL! we are the special wan because we are the one who went into the restaurant have our lunch while the others just go the mamak.XD but at the end we all just ordered a drink while Max and Tze Ming oredered nasi lemak.

we sit there chit chat because we all dont want to go back play that "ice breaking" game.1.30pm we only went back to college and play some games.after that,we had our courses briefing at own course,Hotel Management is combine with Tourism Management in the first semester.we have around 20++ student in a class,deng jin is the only chinese boy.LOL! the briefing until 4pm,then we went back home.

Day 2
reached college alomost 10am because i slept and jia ying wear formal which is like OL look because we had scholarship presentation at 11am.we feel uncomfortable because this is the first time we wear so in front of so many people.the programme of the day quite boring compare to yesterday so the guy planning to leave for a movie after register the club.they were invite we girls and finally we decided to follow them.x) after we had registered the club,we leave the college and went to gurney to watch Friday.we 3 girls sit deng jin car.we watched Friday at 3.15pm.before the movie start,they went to play snooker while we sit there chit-chat.

Friday this movie not bad,but had a lot of horrific screen.we girls scream from starting until the end.XD finished movie,deng jin fetch us back to college take car then went home.=)
have a nice day with my new friends.they are really nice.=)although we all are not same course,but hope that we can keep in touch and can always come out have a movie like's really very happy that can joke with you all.=) these are the gang's members.x)

YuanChuan (dai lou) he like to sleep and always in the stim
Max (maximum) from perak
TzeMing (Izumi) from bukit mertajam
WenJiat (MC KIT) he like to perli people.x)
DengJin (Arab's artist) the most tall in the group
YiChian(Wendy) she very guai wan.=)
JiaYing (Juvenn) she is the lenglui in the group
SookYong (Joyce) she is the lame wan.XD

i also know some girls which same course as me wan,like YiXian from pcghs,(she look alike JoeYee),Milky,ChingWui,Jenny....they all are very nice and i'm happy to know you all.x)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Couple Couple.

went to queensbay yesterday with him.reached there around 5something,met his friends at PizzaHut.they went to watch movie themselves while we had our own programme.XD we decided went to Dave' Deli had our's cheap and the taste not bad.but you just can only ordered 1/4 chicken because the sauce they gave is not enough for 1/2 chicken.LOL! then hong hwa them called me because they wanna join us.we watched Sinjuku Incident at 7.30pm.

the movie was very nice,but have a lot of disgusting screen.@@ it's talk about a lot of chinese from China went to Japan work. Jackie Chan and Daniel Wu were best friends.Jackie Chan went to Japan is to find his lover who had came to Japan.Jackie Chan had lost his document so he cant go back to China already.he worked as "black worker" with Daniel and some China Man there.Jackie want to earn alot of money,so he started to do some bad things and he found that his lover had became a Japanese triad's wife.he had forgive her and he met Fan Bing Bing.she become his lover at the end.Jackie Chan work for his ex's husband.those China Man now have their own place,Sinjuku.they are Sinjuku's head.Jackie left the place for his brothers and went to do small business with his lover.all his brothers become very worst.At the end all died,included Jackie Chan and Daniel Wu.more detail, go GSC watch yourself.x) it is really NICE MOVIE.

after movie,we went to Golden Bay had our dinner.then we go round island.hong hwa park her car at my house then we all sit his car.because hong hwa them need to wake up early on Sunday so we cant go too far.we started our journey from my house to Balik Pulau.then Teluk Kumpar and back to my house.the journey ended at 12am. x)

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


went to fetch Doreen and Joe ee at their house around 1pm.after that we straight went to school because Doreen wanted to ask something about form 6 procedure.then,we off to Queensbay. we had our lunch at OldTown.saw my sister and her boyfriend there. finished,we headed to BrandsOutlet shopping.xD Doreen take alot of clothes to try.== we stay there for about half an hour,at the end me and Joe Ee bought a dress and a shirt while Doreen just bought a shirt.payment,then we straight went to gsc watch movie,Fast & Furious 4.
it's a nice movie.Dom's driving skill was so geng!he is the most geng,and his muscle so keat.@@ SO MAN~~~ XD i like this movie although 1,2 & 3 i never watch.hmm it's really a very very nice show.i rate it 5stars!!!

the dress i bought.*碎花裙*xD

3 for RM50 mia shirt

Amy's novel

Sunday, April 05, 2009


went to eat dim sum with him early in the morning.then back home help grandma prepare the stuff of praying while waiting mummy them come back from cheng beng.after finished our lunch,we then went to shu hong hwa and chia ling night, we went to gurney watch movie and had our dinner.he said he long time dint eat chicken rice shop and so desperate to eat we headed to The Chicken Rice Shop after bought movie ticket.he told me that the taste not bad but he last time came was 3years ago when the shop just,the most delicious thing is the drink,IceLemonTea.==
we watched The Unborn at 9.40pm.starting the movie was so bored,i kiam kiam fall asleep.LOL!but almost finished that time was very kin cheong,the ending was so sad.the girl's boyfriend,her best friend and also her grandma had die because of the ghost.i rate this movie 3.5stars.=D

here some picture of me.xDtake while waiting he go buy charger.

Tag by Lisa

List down 20 people's name that you can think of now... randomly...
01 Daivd
02 Joe Ee
03 Doreen
04 Lisa
05 Huei Wen
06 Ivy
07 Joey
08 Calvin
09 Deng Jin
10 Carmen
11 Way Hang
12 Hong Hwa
13 Chia Ling
14 Pei Shan
15 May
16 Jasper
17 Jason
18 Siang Ling
19 William
20 Mun Ee

How did you meet 14(Pei Shan)?
Shu xuan.=)

What would you do if you meet 1(David)?
Kiss and hug him. >///<

What if 9(Deng Jin) and 20(Mun Ee) dated?
Totally can't imagine.they know each other when work at Gurney Hotel.

Will 6(Ivy) and 17(Jason) date?

Describe 3(Doreen).
Can't really know about what is in her heart??=X

Describe 7(Joey).
Nothing can say.xD

Do you know any of 12(Hong Hwa)'s family members?
Her girlfriend included?xD

What language does 15(May) speak?
Mandarin & English & Malay.

How old is 16(Jasper)?
18 years old.

When is the last time you spoke to 13(Chia Ling)?
yesterday.we meet at shu xuan.

Who is 2(Joe Ee)'s favourite band/singer?
Alot.she is changeable.=X

Would you ever date 4(Lisa)?

Would you ever date 1(David)?
Of course!we date every week. XDD

Is 19(William)single?
Yup!anyone wanna date him?he quite handsome.XD

Would you ever be in a relationship with 11(Way Hang)?
No way!i'll become ice.LOL!

School of 3(Doreen)
Convent Datuk Keramat,going to Methodist Boy School form 6.

Where does 6(Ivy) live?
My house.

What is the favourite thing of 5(Huei Wen)?
Take picture of herself?hehe

Have you ever seen 2(Joe Ee) naked?
Nope and don't want!! XD

i tag:
way hang

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Ueno Juri --- RUKA

RUKA~~!!she act as a TOMBOY in Last Friends this japanese drama. she was so MAN!she keep protect her friend,michiru which she love from michiru's boyfriend because her boyfriend keep beat her.i love her!i love her!RUKA was so man~~~!!


↑ she is RUKA aka Ueno Juri (her real name) she is so man in the drama, but very ladies at outside.xD

The Power of Honda

they were so yeng!!