Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's time to BOOM!!!

Celcom S.O.X is a prepaid plan designed for students who aged between 13 to 17. It was launched at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur last Saturday, 5th of May 2012 with the theme “ It’s Time to Boom” brings a fun packed activities of drum lines, cheer dance and basketball teams from school all over in Malaysia into a single power packed weekend. The qualifying teams to the grand finale with battle it out for cash and prizes worth more than RM100,000.

            It’s the fourth year of organizing this event since 2009. Past few years, it’s only drum lines and cheer dance while this year they have slot in basketball for the students who excel at sports. Each champion can walk away with exclusive give, goodies bag, trophy and cash. The purpose of this event is held is to let all the students to step up to challenge. Many students have take part in this event every year, even their friends & family too. It was so happening and crowded there. Every participants and their family were so nervous, but every participant still manage to do their best in the performance.

             The performances of drum line teams will be appraised by a lineup of professional judges from BatteryHeadz Percussion. Apart from skills and techniques, the drum line participants will be judged based on creativity, entertainment value and stunts. Meanwhile for the cheer dance teams, they will be evaluated by an esteemed panel of judges from Cheerleading Association and Register of Malaysia (CHARM) for cheer dance routine whilst freestyle routine will be judged by Wakaka Crew, champion of the battle of dance “Showdown 2010. Judging criteria for dance competition is based on the performance, attire, song selection and crowd response apart from skills and techniques. For the basketball challenge, the matches will be umpired by expert and experienced referees from KL Dragons, the first team to represent Malaysia in AirAsia ASEAN Basketball League.

            Although it’s a one day event, but S.O.X making it around, bringing fun and experience to other regions.  The first regional preliminary rounds had kick-started in Sarawak and Melaka on 29 April 2012 and at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Kuala Lumpur on 6 May and then will take place in Penang on 27 May 2012. The grand finale will be on 3 June 2012 in Kuala Lumpur.

                   Besides Kuala Lumpur, Kuching and Malacca have also held this event, show you guys the snippet of Kuching & Malacca see how’s happening over there.




For more information regarding Celcom SOX, please click here.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

YES fair at KL

Last weekend drive down to KL for YES fair at Dataran Merdeka, on Sunday morning. This is my first time drive my own down to KL. Total 5people, 2 cars with some stocks. We depart around 7.30am on Saturday morning, but you guess what time we reach KL. It's 1.30pm in the afternoon!! WHY?! Because someone car's broke down! Tayar puncet by a superb driver - Wong Yee Yang. lol

This trip was super tired, rest less, drive a lot. The time i spent on my car is 2x more than I spent on my bed. :( Everybody was so tired yet to me, it's was fun actually,  excluded the busy traffic and complicated road at KL. We keep lost in KL even though I'm using GPS. Only can reach destination in short time with the accompanied of my boss.

Here are some pictures of the trip. ;)

Early beautiful  morning,

On the highway,

One of the car BROKE DOWN.

The superb driver is posing

The other driver trying to pose too.

Waiting someone to rescue.

The place we stay. SUPERB!

The girls.

The so call "Avengers"

Thank you BOSS.

This is so delicious.

This too. love it

All the promoters.

With boss.

Thank you all the boss for everything. (:

Friday, May 04, 2012

Monkey Beach

1/5 Labor Day, me and Juvenn escape from the busy city, went to a peaceful place - Monkey Beach to enjoy our holiday. It was a sudden plan actually as I was planned to go Batu Ferringhi and she said how about we go Teluk Pahang as she said she knows there's a not bad beach. Due to holiday, the beaches at Teluk Pahang were too crowded so we decided to go Pantai Keracut as we never been there. 

We reached at a jetty and have no ideas how to get there so we asked people. Pantai Keracut is out of penang island, so we need to rent a boat to get there. Thus, we rent a boat together with another 4tourists. We first stop at Pantai Keracut to see the turtle. It was disappointed though. The turtles were so small and few which just keep in a small water container and some specimen. We were like WTF?! Wasting our time and money. An hour later, the worker pick us up and drop us to Monkey Beach. 

We stayed there about 4hours, and went back around 5pm. Was so enjoy over there, not much crowd, soak in the sea water, look at the sea and sky, the beauty of the natural makes me so relax and peaceful. I'm so enjoy at that moment, run away from the busy life, noisy city. It was a wonderful holiday I have. ;D

On the way to Pantai Keracut. 

Leaving to Monkey Beach. 

This is Pantai Keracut. 

Sunbathing at Monkey Beach.
Was busy with enjoying the time, not much photo taken. If you have time, should visit this place. It's a nice place to relax if you are tired of the noisy city and busy life. ;)


Life goes on

WOW, I just realize it's been 4months I didn't update my blog since the last post about Genting trip. Nothing much happen in these 4months except My eldest sister's WEDDING and I finally CHANGE MY HAIR STYLE.  I make it shorter again compare to last hair style and I'm so satisfied with this length this style. ;) 
Show you some picture of my new hair style :D 

Make some new friends in these month, they are really funny and friendly and kind. :D I always have lunch with them when i work as I'm so lonely in the office alone. :(  Thanks to them, I always have a wonderful lunch time. teehee~ 

Okay, the most important part of the post : MY ELDEST SISTER'S WEDDING

The dinner was held on the 10th of March at Ming Garden which located at Penang Time Square while the day of her married was on 11th of March. I have invited my group of best friends to attend the dinner and also invited them to join my sister's wedding march. The march was designed by my sister herself and it was a great opening of her wedding. Shows you some nice photo of us. xD

Me & the bridegroom, my brother in law.

My group of best friends. s2 

Before the march start. 

So call "the bridge & groom " ==

The blogger.

Half way dinner.

A group picture before we leave. 

Girls at bridegroom, guys at bridge. (:

Ladies & Gentlemen. =目

The next day was the actual day of my sister getting married. We were wake up early in the morning to prepare everything such as the things that we need during tea ceremony, games when the bridegroom and his brothers arrive and so on. All my relatives and sister's friends were here to celebrate my sister's BIG DAY. She was so happy, excited yet sad. I saw she, my parent and my granny tear drops during the ceremony. I know even though she is not going far away, but married to Chinese family, it's like sending their daughter away after so many years, I saw and feel their feel, and I know the tears was represent the happiness as this is my parent first daughter, my granny first grandchild get married. :')

Well, there's still lots of happy moment, especially when we played the bridegroom and his brothers. xD

The gown.
My sister's friend, Mien Mien from China.

We like bully her. xD

The family

Plus cousin. 

The bridge's sisters.


Waiting the bridegroom

Playing games.

We feed them something special, *scroll down*

THIS! huat koay with WASABI. xD

Wearing the pin. 

Feeding bridegroom "dark chocolate." 

The naughtiest brother ever. 

Finally, the bridegroom get the bridge. :D

Doing the Chinese traditional  ceremony. 

The treaty create by my sister for
her husband to sign & follow. xD