Tuesday, November 24, 2009

G Hotel's Christmas Tree

went to G Hotel today to see them set up for the christmas tree. was so big and tall. me and tauke climb up the staircase to see them painting. the height of the tree almost 2level. i was so scare when climbing up. tauke keep asked me climb up and up.== look at the picture you will know how tall is it.some more dont have any wall, only those aluminium staircase.super duper scare when i climb down from that. tauke's leg very long so he just jump down from one level to another one while i need to slowly climb down from the staircase.

that wear blue shirt eh is my boss. :D

look at the staircase. :O
they are busy painting.
me. xD
look at his post.lol
he very dare uh. climb until the highest and pain.

so dangerous~

so tall.==

the top of the tree.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Huei Wen's birthday

last wednesday was Huei Wen's birthday. me,lisa,doreen and her plus rudy went to bed for her celebration. but because of only 5 people there, we feel that the environment so dry, at the end huei wen suggested to go upper penang road. we all sit rudy's car.reached there around 11something,i think.

we went to Soy 11. we ordered one bucket of heineken. most of the people there are quite old, mostly around 25-40 something and the songs were very old too.LOL! we started regret and wanna leave. we finish the beer as fast as we can then we leave and went to mois. met ah deng and mahek there.rudy cant enter so asked mahek bring him enter. we ordered one bucket carlsberg again. i think around half an hour, 3 of them started high dy.lol. we all then go dance floor start DANCING~~!!

was super super high at that night.all of us sweating and very enjoy except rudy.xD ladies night so only 4 of us keep high-ing while rudy and mahek resposible to protect us.LMAO

Saturday, November 14, 2009


went to redbox after class with lisa,doreen and another guy which is lisa's friend.i dont know what is his name but i call him Mr.Jiong.lol he older than us alot, but he quite shy.lol almost 3 of us sang all the time.but his sound very nice. *thumb up*
although he dint sang but he still pay the bill.although we wanna pay him back but he said no need.*wow* then we went to KimGary, he and his friend wanted to eat dinner. we quite full so just ordered drinks. after that they went back while we still stay gurney hang around.

planned to watch movie but at the end cancelled due to laziness.lol, while waiting yenni come from her house, we all sit in the car, have a rest. then we went to Nando's because lisa wanted to have her dinner, me and doreen shared a peri chips because not so want to eat. after that, we hang around at gurney and they bought some stuff then went back home.too bad, we dint take any photo.

nobody date, so just went home after work. thought need to stay at home bored like hell, but at the end siew yin asked me to go out have a movie and dinner. she came and fetch me at around 5pm then we went to queensbay meet up with lan zhen.hang around at there because they wait for their friends.planned to watch doreamon but at the end cancelled because we already leave queensbay and went to Asia Cafe for dinner. after that, planned to go Gurney but at the end siew yin changed her mind and we all went to BED. ordered a jug of tiger and we start play poker cards.reached bed only 8something, not many people but upstair only we and a pair of couple.lol the music was so...DOWN!lol, we start playing dare, was so fun and excited.LMAO!! stay there until 10something, we went to bird shit find her friends have dinner AGAIN.lol

planned to go sunrise mcd but at the end only siew yin and lan zhen go while me and her friends back to bed again.BUT, 2 of them dint go mcd also, they went back to bed.LOL
meet 3 of her friends there, and we start play dare again. addicted to it.xD met ong siang there too.he went to sega with kim hoe them. we played until around 1am then went back home dy.

thanks for give me a happy friday & saturday night. :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


last saturday morning went to Sg.Pinang have breakfast with sister and her bf. when we finish the breakfast, we find out that her car get bang by a lorry and the lorry had run away. the hawker told us the number of that lorry and we went to police station report. my sister was so angry and sad. the company some more dont want to pay my sister for repair.==

at night, we and may went to Teppan Yaki have dinner. actually, we planned to go Shuen Sheng one but when we reached there, already full.so we changed to Teppan Yaki which somewhere near island plaza. the taste of food very nice, i like it. i ordered a chicken course, came out a lot of food make me so full.LOL

finally, i had finish my course.lol


crazy sister.xD
chef is cooking the delicious food.xD


Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Hallowen Night

went to BED with johnson,robin,jia qi,edward,chin wei,lisa,doreen and huei wen. reached there around 11pm. met ah theng there, drawing his face.lol

the waiter told us that only beer are available so we ordered 2bucket of heineken. drinking,play card,take photo.xD quite fun and enjoy. before went back, met ah chuan at bed with manfred,max and tze ming.they went there after mois. GENG!

Happy Hallowen. ;)

ch'ng chin wei.

teh huei wen
he again.lol
lisa teo pei jun


doreen khaw chin chieh

jia qi

edit by lisa
us. :)