Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jia Ying Birthday

went to 69 last night to celebrate Jia Ying Birthday and also a gathering as Lisa come back from KL. was so packed over there cause DJ Headmaster coming. almost every saturday also like this. == wonder is it the alcohol over there FOC. nothing much to say, not that enjoy, too many people perhaps.

although not your birthday yet but still want to wish you :

Happy Birthday, girl!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Event Crew

I have been working for CINEMA ONLINE as an event crew for 2 weeks plus at Queensbay Mall. first event is Movie BlockBusta which my job is to take care the costume studio and sometimes went to the 3D theater booth. It's fun on the first few days but when you continuously work for the same things everyday you will feel bored too.

The second event is School Holidays Carnival with Toys Story 3. my job changing everyday, sometimes i need to help out at the stage for prizes and games, sometimes i need to be baby sitter take care the kids' playground, sometimes i need to help Ranny for the Space Invader place and sometimes i need to take care the figurines which cost 20k US dollar each.

Some of the crew and MC are from KL, they are nice and friendly actually just SOME of them really speechless.LOL!=X anyway, i really enjoy working with them and this two weeks. hope that we still have chance to work again. : )

p/s : anyone which do not have my contact number but interested to work as a part timer for different fair or event, please do not hesitate to contact me here or facebook. once i get job and they need people, i might call you. : )

Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Last saturday went to Hard Rock Cafe again after my work. this time is because to celebrate Kean Hong's belated birthday. he just invite a few friends to come over which include Deng Jin, Mahek, Jiaying, Me, Edward, and another 2 guys which i dont know their name.

Due to i late finish work, so we all reached there around 12 something because Mahek fetch us. there are only 10 people so we just ordered 3 liquor and one towel. me and Jiaying need to go back earlier so we leave around 1 something.

Before i end this post, have to say it here again :

Happy Belated Birthday, Loh Kean Hong! =)

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

It's My Life!

the girl who work in Hard Rock.

live band performance.

last saturday night went to batu ferrighi with jiaying, max, manfred, james, his friend, wen jiat, tze ming and his girlfriend. at first, we planned to go mansion 69 to chill but that day 69 got event and raining heavily, outside closed while inside full. we can't even find a table for us so we head to Hard Rock Cafe.

Mahek and Kean Hong join us too. we ordered 42 below vodka with prime berry ( finally, i can drink again after the rave party.XD), bacardi limon, bacardi apple and one towel because we have total of 19 people. the environment over there very good. Live band performance over there, they will sing some rock band songs or old but famous songs. they played club hitz too but just a short period. it's totally different feel with upper. we all fall in love with it, all rather come here than mois dy, especially mahek, me and jiaying.haha

we all chat, drink and take pictures. the feel that from hard rock is really ROCK! we scream, we ROCK!XD whole pub turn to very high when the live band sang " It's My Life". everybody especially our group are so high, jump and screamed!

people who come to hard rock are mostly tourist and those adults, you hard to find teenage like us over there unless there went with family, maybe? we are the youngest and the most crazy but who cares? as long as WE REALLY VERY ENJOY over there!