Friday, June 26, 2009

The Last House On the Left

went to watch movie with him after i had finished work on wednesday. he went to gurney find me around 6.30pm, we then went to GSC bought ticket, TheLastHouseOnTheLeft, 7.15pm. after that we went to A&W had our dinner.
this is not a ghost movie as i thought, it is about a parents kill the people to take revenge because they had rape and want to kill their daughter.i feel that this movie not really good, but a bit horrified.

after movie, jaden called us to go mamak.since we put them aeroplane dint went to her birthday party, so we assent with her. do chit chat a while then went back around 11pm something.

We Study

today class cancel, so we decided to go shu xuan study for Financial Accounting's mid-term exam which fall on Monday. woke up at 11something, after prepared then went to fetch LiXian and went college fetch Deon.we reached there around 2pm. study until 4pm something, we started feel bored so we all off to Greenlane McD. x)

order 2large fries, 4cup coke and 4sundae cone.LOL! chit-chat and make fun there. hope to hang out again.=) saw ahChuan,Max,Vincent and others biz comm members there too. went back home around 6.30pm.

ahHan's notes.
Deon & LiXian hardworking.x)
my drinks.
my financial accounting.nice handwritting. xD
ahHan he is.
LiXian concentrate-ing.
we had off to McD :


Vain. x)

kek dong. lol

Han's job.

Deon broke the "HOLE"! LMAO.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

They are my FRIENDS.x)

THEY are my friends. x) these are all their old pictures which look ugly and dick.xD but NOW, all becomes HANDOME & PRETTY liao.=D


Deon 2.
LimWeiHen.(this more nice, before NS.came back from NS boh aneh nice, so no girls want become GAY with DEON.) LOL!
ChangLiXian. (now becomes pretty!)
and THIS IS ME! when i was standard 6.wth.=S
Form 1.OMG!
Form 3.shit man!( NOW better.xD)

Gurney during lunch.

class dismiss at 10.30am due to mr.puvin has meeting with some of hec's students. so for those who are not involved are free until next class which is 2pm. we planned to go bind our assignment then maybe go prangin. after i had arranged my assignment, we went to take ah han's car. me,ah han,deon,jeremy,lixian and also ah deng. we went to bind our assignment near komtar there, after that we went to gurney have our lunch because we have a lot of free time and SOMEBODY is going to pay the bill. *evil laugh*

reached gurney around 11.30am, we straight went to PastaMania. we order 10inch pizza for 2.after finished our lunch, we then went back to college because JCI meeting.but unfortunately, when i reached there,meeting had over.xD so sorry!hehe

have a lot of fun during the way to gurney and also came back form there.ah han's driving skill a bit crazy until we all shout here and we keep playing in the car.have fun! planned to go other place having lunch next week.xD

chicken ananas

haiwaii chicken
jeremy in the car.
the crazy driver - ah han.
our bill, except the drinks we need to pay ourself, others pay by SOMEBODY.xD
the driver, ah han.
hiao deng.LOL!


BOYS.should be 2boys with one gay partner.xD

the GAY partner.haha!XDDDD