Monday, July 27, 2009

Little Boy

so good if he is my son.LMAO! he really cute and handsome lar wey. when he grow up, sure have a lot of fans. xD

Taking the Pelham 123

went to gurney watched Taking the Pelham 123 with him last night. the movie not bad, story okay, a bit funny.=) for me, it's worth to watch, but dont know for you all.xD nothing much to say because just a simple dating weekend.=)

i know i'm vain. but so what? I LOVE MYSELF what. XP LMAO.

is it look like denise's post?lmao.copy her.shhhh....
below 2photo look abit hiao, because i purposely one.=P

Saturday, July 25, 2009

One More to Go

wednesday was Introduction to Tourism paper. we all came out at 4something. then me,ahhan and lixian went to prangin have lunch and bought something. no place to go, so we headed to went there keep take photo then went to A&W have a drink before we leave. 9something went back home.
In the car

We love this one.=)

3 of us.

my ai


p/s: thank you my ji mui, thanks for accompany me and make me smile and you.x)