Monday, April 01, 2013

I Love Travel - Port Dickson

Getaway from the busy town and went to Pork Dickson to celebrate my birthday. Was stayed at Avillion Resort Hotel.
Sun shine on the Penang Bridge.
Not much things to do in Pork Dickson, and most of the residents are Malay. Most of the guests in Avillion Hotel are Chinese & European, that particular week was full of Singaporean and many European, I believe many of them wanted to go Sepang to join the F1 circuit. 

There's 2 swimming pool in the hotel. One is at the front of the hotel which just beside the cafe that served buffet, another one is a coaching pool which only for adult and is located near to the water chalet. Btw, I'm living in water chalet. :D

The coaching pool.
 I like to hang around at this pool as this is only for adult, and i not need to disturb my holidays by the kids. Besides, I don't know what's the reason but other than us, there's only European hang around here. All Chinese & Malay guests were at the hotel's pool. Perhaps all of them were with kids?.

The water chalet.
I was stay at the last row, which is the nearest to the beach. The space in water chalet quite big, and the balcony and day bed are facing the sea, so I can play ipad or reading with listen to the sea breeze day and night, and of course don't forget about the beautiful sunset, it's just so relax!

Like I said, beside swimming and sun bath, there's nothing much can do in Pork Dickson. The food in the hotel was so so only, especially the morning breakfast, I still prefer Lone Pine Hotel. 

sun bath by the beach

sun bath after the bright & hot sun

became TANNED!!

can't stop cam-whore
even sun bath
After sun bath, it's time to enjoy the beautiful sunset. To see the beautiful sunset without anything blocking you, just need to walk until the end of the water chalet. Then, you can enjoy and capture as how you want it to be:

Not forget to pose:

Never miss the cam-whore moment.  xD


It's good to slow down your speed, and getaway from the busy town. Fight again after you have a good rest. (: