Wednesday, February 25, 2009


woke up early in the morning because seang ling told me wanna come and fetch me at 11.30am. we plan to go gurney watch movie because at night she got to work.BUT at the end, she put me aeroplane due to she wake up late. Zzzzz

then i sit at home, doing nothing. suddenly think tiok joe ee.== just remember that she wanna asked me out to shopping.xD so i called her and asked her wanna go gurney or not.hehe
about 2pm, her dad reached my house.(i thought she her dad fetch us to gurney. WOW, her dad changed car again, change to Honda City.

about 2.30pm, we reached gurney. we went to buy ticket. The House,4.20pm.after that, joe ee went to atm take money, after straight went to Watson buy cosmetic.== then we went to find eat.but we dont know want to eat what so we went to find doreen them.

we went to their working place find them chit chat.joo tiew, lay chia, phaik yan and huei ling also came to gurney. we all meet at there again. gathering again?lol around 3something, me and joe ee went to have our lunch. at the end we decide to go sakae have our lunch because she wanna see ng fook lam,(her ex)=X hiao~ xD at the end, she paid the bill. WOW treat me again, can't imagine uh?!LOL! then we straight went to gsc because we already late for 10minutes.

when we just step into the room, we were so shock because there only have 2girls! include us ONLY 4 GIRLS!btw, the movie not yet start although we already late for 10minutes.==
when the show start not long, a pair of couple came in. finally, got guy dy.@@"

around 6pm, the movie finally finished. this movie not really good, no wonder no people watch.after that, we just walked around at gurney. we went to find bag, go in so many shops MS. JOE EE also don't like.kek si! finally, she buy her nag at converse. we meet her darling?fujita at gurney too.

7something, my sister called me.before i went back, i bring her to doreen there.before me and my sister went home, we went to burger near our house there for our dinner.8something, reach home.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Love Travel - Genting Trip

these are all the picture we take at genting.

at night, we went indoor play game.

we went to watch 3D show with their spec.

just reached there, we went to outdoor. take picture when we sit marry-go-round.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Super Tanker

just now went to Super Tanker have dinner with dear. WTH?! there what also don't have, all close. adui, what kopi tiam is that?

tell you all better don't go. i wont go there again.hmph!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Hour

woke up at 11am something, take a bath then go out with my dear. around 5pm something, reached gurney. we went to GSC bought ticket, Kung Fu Chef at 8pm, twin seat.

after we had bought the ticket, we just walked around at gurney and find my purse.about 7.15pm, we went to Bak Kut Teh Ong have our dinner. the food taste not bad and it's really cheap, that's why we keep go there.xD dear told me that the tauke of this restaurant very like to bak kut teh so he opened this restaurant with some friends. he said he get this news from newspaper.

half and hour later, we paid the bill, then went to watch our movie. this show quite funny, and the food look delicious, make me desperate to eat.LOL!the movie very short, 1-1 and half hour. we came out from cinema about 9.30pm.

we then called dear's friends to ask them whether they want to go where.they all keep change place.== finally they decide to go BED.omg BED AGAIN?!

both of us reached there around 10.30pm. we were sit inside the car waited them.suddenly dear said wanna go eat ice-cream or not. so we went to haegendaz eat ice-cream while waiting them.11.30pm, jason them had reached,finally.==

BED was full, so they all decide to go FAME. we reached upper penang road around 12am, we all stand in front SS and wait ah bao them because ah bao wear short pants so got to go home change.==

12.45am they reahced. we all went to FAME. they have voka inside but we there have 7boys and 3 girls so they ordered 1 bottle of chivas, total RM300, RM43 each guy.

this is the first time i went to clubbing, i'm so curious that why somebody so like to go, there were so smelly, i prefer BED.xD but the music there not bad, i just like the music and the chivas mix coke.xD but i prefer BED.=X

me and dear plan to go back at 2am, but ah bao was drunk, keep vomit some more can't walk, so we got to settle him first. at the end, we 3am only can go back. i reached home at 3.20am.


Saturday, February 21, 2009


yesterday night went to BED with ms.Ho them to celebrate her birthday?not really lar, they just went there have a drink.==

about 5pm something, seang ling called me and asked me get ready before 8pm. that time i just finish bath, still had a lot of things not yet do.=X

when i finished my things, i sit in front my laptop played mahjong while waiting her call. suddenly my phone rang, i thought she arrived, but that is ah teh phone number. she told me that she can't contact seang ling asked me to help her call she because she was driving car. i called seang ling many time, the phone also can't call in. finally, ah teh came and fetch me. i waited her about 45minutes due to she don't know how to come my house.

after that, we went to batu mau fetch people. both of us also don't know how to go there so we callled our friend and asked her to teach us. at the end, we go ourselves because we don't understand what she said.LOL! we went to batang, then use wrong road, back to USM.== we then went to batu mau again from finally, we arrived the destination. ah gan came and bring us to her house because we don't know how to go and don't wanna lost again.LOL!
about 10pm we finally reached BED. we used about 2hours to reached.@@"

a lot of people there. mei ling, li jun, ah ting, seang ling, xue ni and her friend. some people i not really know but at the end we also played until very happy, like close friend. Zzzzzz
met siew yin's friend too.

i ordered 1 sunset beauty and shared with ah teh. the taste not bad.we sit there chi chat a while then we start gambling. 1hour ago, seang ling fetched xue ni and her friend back, ah gan and ah ting went to RED find their friends. left me, ah teh, mei ling and another 2girls at BED. we were doing nothing there. at the end, i decide to play card, who lose must drink beer.xD

2hours later, they all only came back. paid the bill, then we all off to gurney hotel's kapitan restaurant. me and ah teh ordered roti bom and apple juice. we sit there played jokes and chit chat. about 2something, seang ling, mei ling, ah teh and me go back while ah gan them went to pub.

seang ling fetched me home. first time sit her car, not bad uh.xD reached home 2.30am

Friday, February 20, 2009


lately jobless, waiting new job's call so everyday sit at home doing nothing. waiting people ask me out.LOL! was ms.Ho birthday, i asked her out but at the end cancel it.=( pospond to tonight only go to BED.

joe ee came my home because she thought we will going to gurney.i dint tell her that it already cancel.xD at the end, she asked cher song to fetch us to coffee island. cher song finally reached my home about 5.30pm then straight to coffee island. we sit there waiting my dear because they had things to discuss. but at the end discuss nothing.==

i ordered 1 sandwich with cheese and ham again xD and 1 hazelnut chocolate island while joe ee ordered 1 spaghetti and mineral water again.about 5minutes later, dear had came. they sit there saying nothing while i was playing my laptop game.xD

finally, cher song they came again. played online game a while by using coffee island's computer then fetch joe ee back home. me and dear went to golden bay have our dinner.

i reached home around 10pm something.


joe ee asked me went to Queensbay because she wanted to buy cosmetic and asked me to accompany her.== i reached at Queensbay about 1pm something. while waiting she came, i went to find my ex-colleague. xD long time dint see her dy, damn miss her. hehe=D

around 1.40pm, she finally reached Queensbay. she forgot how to go add-on find me so she find Oon Zen to accompany her.LOL! she really long time dint come out.@@

we went to WATSON, she find her cosmetic's stuff while i find my make-up remover and forget what jor, after that we just shop around. i bring her to THE ROOMS because she wanna she the things i brought for my dear as valentine present. at there, we found that we can rent the place to sell her things. we were so exciting.== keep discussing, but at the end also useless wad.ceh~

then we went to S&J to buy present for ms. Ho. i bought her 1 cute glass which has a cow there.xD sorry lar, i went to travel spent a lot of money so can't buy you expensive things.hehe

after i had bought my present, we went to KIM GARY had our lunch? we ordered 2 sandwich with cheese and ham, and i ordered 1 honey lemon while joe ee ordered mineral water.== i have free voucher so we get a free french fried.xD at the end, joe ee paid the bill because after used my RM5 voucher it only cost RM9.WOW!

after we finished our lunch, we off to The Face Shop. the things were totally cheap than The Body Shop.walk around, then we went to Starbucks have a drink because she said she treat me.WOW, she was so kind SUDDENLY. XDDDDDD

i ordered 1 hot caramel macchiatto because i was so cold and she ordered 1 ice green tea latte. we sit there chit-chat while waiting her darling came and fetch us back.

about 7pm, her darling came and fetch us back. i reached home almost 8pm due to traffic jam.=]

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Valentine's Day

i have went to genting and kl last friday and today only came back from kl. reach home about 8pm something.

went to genting and kl with my dear, my sister with her boyfriend. celebrate my valentine's day at there.

this year is the most happy and sweet valentine's day. i love him alot and thanks him alot.

thanks for stay with me no matter how worst am i. thank you my dear!

i will stay with you and love you with all my heart. =D

thanks for your present too. i have a good valentine's day and i really enjoy it!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Beauty Sunday

wake up early in the morning today because hiking with dear. wake up around 7 a.m. dear come and fetch me about 7.30 am. we went to bukit jambul hill for hiking. long time dint exercise dy, so very tired and chuan.==

after hiking, we went to sg. dua eat dim sum with my parents and grandma. about 9.50 am, we went back home while my parents them went to market. when we on the way home, we plan to watch car because dear's car really very very DIRTY!==

we went to my house's downstairs wash car. i went home take all the things and went to mini market buy sponge to polish the car, we put some "car's shampoo" into the water, then we used the water to wash the car first. after that, we only start polish. we used about 45minutes to polish whole car. after that, wash again.O.o finally, we had finish at 12.22pm.

we were so hot, our sweat keep dropping. i just knew that wash car was so tired. but it was fun if once a year. xD and now the car was so clean and smooth. we didn't buy wax so the car not so shining.

after cleaning all the things, we went to nearest kopitiamto have a drink. we really very hot and thirsty. then we only went back home. dear came to my house eat porridge because mum already cook for him.LOL! we all sit in the living room having lunch and watching dvd.

wait dear went back home, i only go to take bath. just now help his car polish, make his car become pretty. now is my turn to make myself pretty. xD
i do hair treatment, body scrub and facial. xD

btw, who want to wash and polish car can find me. RM 80 per car cheap cheap only lar. xD outside RM100 per car. =D

was so tired today, now wanna go to take a nap first. =D

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


finally, i had resign. no more add-on, no more adidas, NO MORE more problem.

whatver, i just can say comment.

relaxing now. everyday watching dvd. xD wait for ooi chong yong's call to tell me when to work. Jobless now. no money. =(

but, as long as, i can leave the evil's place.=X

Monday, February 02, 2009

Power Ranger

this is the day when i work at gurney as the co-ordinator for the power rangers mystic force's show. during the time, i was so happy and enjoy. at least the stage manager and all the colleague are good to us. they are so friendly, we like a family. i miss the time, i miss them too.

Before & After The Show

when they wear the full cos

me & wen yi