Tuesday, October 02, 2012

I Love Travel - Hatyai, Thailand

Last two weeks went to Hatyai, Thailand with my family. Woke up in the early morning and we rent a van to Hatyai. Reached there still early, we check-in before start our shopping trip.

The scene from hotel.
We stay at Lee Garden Plaza, which last time get bomb before. Now, their security is so strict. Everyone who enter the hotel must scan and security will sport check the bag.
Me, sister and her friends.

Sister and brother-in-law

Sister and cousin

My chubby mum & dad.lol

The couple.
We bought one kind of t-shirt which wrote I love Hatyai, wore to the side seeing.
The group.

Should I look at the KFC or this couple?lol

Ng's Family.

Went to their Tesco Lotus before we went to visit the temple. Bought some snacks and some shampoo over there. It's super cheap compare to Penang.

Their 18 years anniversary

One of the tourist spot.
We did not sit the cable car to the top of the hill but we sit Tuk Tuk. There are lot of temple which along the hill. We stop and visit one by one. The sun was so hot until make me so headache. A friendly reminder, if you want to side seeing at Hatyai especially all the temple, you gotta bring along your sunglass or cap. The sun is too shine to let you fully open your eyes and it's too hot until it can make you feel so headache.

One of the god
This god is for those couple to pray for their relationship. Even though you're single you can also pray, perhaps you might meet your Mr/Mrs. Right? :D

The blogger.

Zoom the god.

The name for this god

We are releasing the birds in the cage 

A group photo before leave.

Daddy always good in posing. 

The girls.

This is another temple when we came down from the cable car station. This is the place where make me feel headache as there's no trees or eaves to let us hide from the sun. It's so hot over there.
The view from the temple


The family.

Cool family. xD

This is my Zodiac - Goat

Aren't they look alike? LOL!

Nice picture.
After visit the temples, we went to the famous market, floating market. There's tons of food you can find over there and it's super cheap. We start our eating session since we walk in to the market, from head to the end, eat non-stop. The food is super cheap and delicious. Some are so new to us.
Roses made of grass.

bird's egg
Below are the disgusting fried insect:

Floating Market
The price range of the food that sold here is between RM2 - RM 3. It's so much cheaper compare to the roadside before you reach the floating market although it's the same type. So, you better be patient to walk until the river only you can get cheap food.
They cook the food on boat.

Cheap and nice squid & octopus

Colourful sushi

A kind of fried potato, taste great.


A local family eating local made bamboo rice.

Cute souvenir sell here.

The so call twin.

My cousin and I.

My cute daddy

Look what he doing there!

Night view of the market.
Hatyai is a good place for those who love to eat. You can find many nice and novel food over there. But so far as I see not much European or other tourists went there, normally are Malaysian or local people. I Love Travel, looking forward for the next trip, next post.  :D