Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Love Travel - Phuket Trip

Went to Phuket with Juvenn last week as our Diploma graduate celebration for 5 days. XD
The weather at Phuket was nice, a big different with Bangkok, LUCKILY~
Phuket is so big, it is the largest island in Thailand. Too many place to go and play, it seems like 5 days not enough for us. :(  I love there so much and I miss there so much~

Let's start about our trip. We had joined two different tour which is to Phi Phi Island, which is the most famous island in Phuket, and another adventures tour.

The first two days we stayed at Anchan Resort & Spa, which located at Bang Tao Beach. The resort as shown in the picture below, was quiet and small. Even that area also not much tourist compare to others. But it was really relax when we stayed there.
On the way to check - in.

The lobby~

The Garden, and we stayed at one of that room. 

The swimming pool, but we never swim over there.

Reached there already 3pm plus, so we didn't go anywhere but only Bang Tao Beach.
The Beach. Not much people.


I love sun while I stand at the beach. XD
It is not really happening at Bang Tao Beach, luckily the second day we went to Phi Phi Island. Thank god~
The tour cost us 2200 baht which include speed boat to the 3 - 4 islands, snorkeling jacket and mask and also a lunch.

On the way to the island.
 This is my first time sat a speed boat, it was so fun standing there looking at the sky and the sea. I told you, I love sky and sea. XD

The first place was Maya Bay (if not mistaken). It was so beautiful, and the water so crystal clear! I can see through the water. IT IS FUCKING NICE~ 

So clear~ @@

This is the place where full of bird's nest. 

The tour guide said this place
 full of monkey

The last island we went. For us to sunbathe or diving. 


Full of tourists, they were sunbathe - ing. 

Floating bar~ 

The third and forth day we stayed at Sirahlana Hotel, Patong Beach. Patong Beach is the most popular and famous beach in Phuket. It was so lively over there, it's a tourist hot spot. You can find many things over there, seafood restaurants, shopping mall, pubs, clubs, street markets and so on. If you bring enough of cash, you will shop till you bankrupt. The things over there were fucking nice but too bad, they not cheap. :/
How I wish I'm a millionaire, then I can buy all I want. xD

The hotel's room. How nice, they use
towel to  fold an elephant.
 Patong Beach.

Third day we didn't join any tour, we just walked around at the Patong area. It is so big and many things to see, we spent our day over there. At night, the road named Bang La Road will closed, no cars are allowed to enter the road. Both side of the street are full of bars, tourists walked along the road and enjoy the shows.  Many girls dance poll dance at each club. There are one club named body nude club which has all the lady boys dancing and they performance at the end of the pub. The whole street was so happening, we went there two nights and now I'm so miss the street. =3

Besides the pub street, they do have clubs which located opposite the Bang La Road. That street is full of clubs. The whole area over there was so happening, so lively. It was so fun spending time over there. Imagine Halloween, I think it will more happening, must be very fun. =3

We also went to watch the boxing show. Live boxing, I never watch boxing, not even in the TV, but I get a chance to watch live. Starting was between two Thai children, not really fun. But they have many events, teenage VS teenage, foreigner VS local and Thai man VS Thai man. It was getting excited and irritate when one of them blooding. All of the audience made noise whenever one of the boxer punch  the other one. The environment become more intense when one of the boxer fell to the ground. We shouted and clapped. I just know that boxing could be so fun. :D

Let's the pictures prove that what I said. ;)

Their DJ. lol They have live
band too. xD

Everybody was so intense. :O
 Their night life~
Poll dance everywhere. 

The street.

It is a nice pub. 

Someone dancing poll dance to
attract crowd.

Not only pubs, but you can find stall over
there too. what a strategic location. And
this sell NIKE shoes. hahahaah

WOW. LMFAO version.

They are lady boy~

The name of the pub.

Juvenn said he is pretty.

No doubt, he is lady boy.
You can touch or hug and
take photo, as long as you
pay tips to them. (:

He so elegant. He is lady
boy too.

They are also.

Lady boy Beyonce,
Phuket version.
The forth day we went for the adventures trip, Rafting. It is my first time, it was so fun and excited. Meet two hongkie during this trip. They were fun and friendly, we were group members for the rafting and make a lot of fun. ARGH~ I miss that moment. T_T

Before went out. 

The place where we rafting. 
 We went to waterfall before the rafting.
Spot Juvenn~

Was so tired that day, used all the energy for the rafting. lol Altough very tired, but going to leave on the next day, we still went out for a walk, to remember all of the things at Phuket.

They have fountain in the shopping mall named Jungceylon. 

The Ronald McDonald is posing sawadeekap~ 
Juvenn told me Thailand people is the most rich. WHY? because they keep ask people to swap their card when they see people. * read sawadeekap in mandarion* ROFL~

The last day, before we check - out, we went Patong Beach for the last sunbathe. owh~ I start missing Phuket, the beach, the sky, the sea, the water, the lady boy, the night life, the pubs, the boxing..... everything over there~ I hope I can go back again next year. :D It's really a nice place to go for vacation, no matter with the love one, or friends or family, as long as you love sky, love sea and love sun. :D

It is a good experience to travel with only one girl, it is so adventures and excited two girls travel to other country and it is a memorable trip for me. I must go back again in the future~!

Capture the sky and sea of
Phuket, when we are
 leaving back to Penang~