Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 2012

 Step into 2012, I started my working life. :( No more party like last time, fun like last time. OWH~ I'm so wanted to continue my student life, working life is so much pressure.

Anyhow, still celebrating 2012 with my group of besties at Genting. :D We drive to Genting and stay there one night. Have so much fun over there and enjoyed so much with them. You guys are awesome, and you're always my darlings. ;)

Who are the members? :

Juvenn Yong  - ah Yong

Tze Ming - ah Beng

Manfred Ho - Manfred. 

Max Chew - ah Max

and the blogger, Joyce.

waiting the time pass.

All tipsy and tired. 

Pirate ship. 

This chicken taste nice. :D

This fried rice also not bad.
But Ajinomoto a lot. 

So many dishes. 

Group Photo. (:

Like I said, I already started my working life, so before Chinese New Year, my boss treat us lunch at Jade Blossom Restaurant, 1st Avenue. The food at the restaurant not really nice, so so only. 8courses, only the chicken taste not bad. =/

Acting. xD

囧样 - while waiting others to go for lunch

The taste bit weird and it's not salmon sashimi. :(

Angela - lala

(Left) Connie, Lala, me, Queenie. 

The girls.

Got lots of shark fin. 

This one taste good, special. 

The soup not bad. 

Not enough for us. XD

This carving looks awesome. 

Group photo after lunch. SATISFIED?


Spot us. :D

Spot me. xD