Sunday, July 15, 2012

Busy June

The whole month of June was so busy of working, continuously of three brand launching and then roadshows and outstation; working like a cow for the month. Although it is so busy yet I'm so happy and I live my life to the fullness and I'm enjoy it so much. 

Of course it is not only working and working, like that I will become a workaholic. Since I said I live my life to the fullness sure I have some party to cheer my working life too. Nothing much to describe as party is always the same, just who and where I have it with. (:

So let's pictures say the words. 

Send dealer to US @ airport. 

HTC launching @ G Hotel. 

HTC Roadshows @ Gurney Plaza.

My Sales Manager - SM

BlackBerry Launching @ G Hotel

After the work, here comes the party pictures:

My bestie Juvenn's 21st Birthday.

With her  crazy classmate,
surprise birthday party @ Golden Sands Hotel

The organizer.

Birthday eve celebration
 @ Mois

Evian's Wedding
Banny's birthday @ Nueve

Ching Wei aka Anthony Ch'ng farewell @ Xuan Xin Steamboat:

All the best to you in your future.

Last but not least, some VAIN cam-whore picture. xD

Before I end this post, I wanna emphasis one thing:

p/s: It is located at Penang Time Square, underground. First ever in Penang. (: