Sunday, November 30, 2008



i woke up at 1something, after bathing and having my lunch, i take bus to paya terubong's Mcd. at there meet siang ling,hui yan, mei ling and another girl. we go there play cards, actually i plan to study there but no mood to study so at the end i played with them xD i saw lisa, denise, huei wen, yvonne, joe ee and their friends there. joe ee join us played card and i help lisa,joe ee, denise and huei wen for fortune-telling. they said very zhun i so proud xD

about 8pm i think, dear had came and he sit beside our table because he wanted to study. WOW he was so hardworking study for his exam while i was playing card xD
around 11 something, we all go back.

FRIDAY, 28 NOV 2008

i went shu xuan by bus. about 2pm i think i had reach night i went mcd with dear. meet siang ling and hui yan again. after that siang ling called ah do came and find us. we played card when waiting ah do come. we keep change places because the mcd's indian aunty keep complain about us...lolz. at the end we sit outside. again, i played card with them while dear continue his study =X don't know why my study mood had gone. no mood study again =/

we go back at 11.30pm i think.


was last 2 days before we exam. me and dear were no mood to study dy so we plan to go gurney.before we leave, i help pei shan and ming li for fortune-telling. both of them also said ZHUN! haha i'm pro uh xD

we reach gurney around 6something and we straight went to GIORDANO to choose our clothes because sunday they had stock clearance buy 1 free 1, so we go and choose first. don't ask me why i have such advance x)
we used almost more than 1hour there, just because i need to wait for my yim chim dear to choose for his clothes ==
finally, he choose 1 jacket and 1 shirt and i choose 2shirt. we asked kelly to keep for us so that tomorrow we can come and pay the bill =)

we leave gurney around 7something then went to 1288 had our dinner. we order bak kut teh. was so expensive and the taste was wonder don't have many people order. i was so full but dear still not enough although he had eat 2bowl of rice, what a pig =X
after that, we went to mcd find siang ling them.

i very guai because i just played with them for a while then i do my account dy xD
we leave mcd about 12.15am i think. =D

SUNDAY, 30 NOV 2008

was last day before we exam.we went to shu xuan again and i was busy doing account.siang ling them reach there around 3something and back at 5something ==
today was dear's papa's birthday so at night we went to have dinner together.we went to red garden wait his family came.they reach there about 8.30pm because they need to wait until his brother finish karate class.

after we had finish our dinner, we then off to gurney to take our clothes. my shirt was RM47 for 2piesces but too bad, the jacket not include in the promotion so dear got to choose another shirt. he quite beh syiok because yesterday the girl din't told us that it is not included so he don't want to buy dy.==
after that we straight go back because it was quite late dy and tomorrow we had exam.traffic jam, because alot of people going home.
finally, i reach home at 11pm.

tomorrow is account paper and i still sit here blogging, listen to the music and chatting ==
so tomorrow just see how worst i will be =/

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Why Not Me?

was chinese paper today and it's the last day for science stream students BUT NOT ME! why? so jealous, i still need to wait until 3rd of dec and i already no mood to study for the 2subjects dy =X i was so jealous when i saw them look so free and already planning wanna go where shopping, travel or working and i still need to wait for about 1week to go...arrgh~~!they are bad too keep telling me that they already FINISH SPM ==

we finished our chinese paper at 12.45pm and yen peng fetch me and shi jie go home. WOW, today is yen peng first day drive car to school, she was so high xD
around 1.30pm i reached home, after bath then have my lunch. today mummy cooked curry chicken, not very spicy but it delicious =)

miss my dear alot so after i had my lunch i went to shu xuan by bus x) reach there around 3something, my dear was so surprise when he saw me because i lie him that i wont find him to make him surprise xD

suddenly, my sister sms me and want me to accompany her go queensbay buy shoes. i thought i have benefit like free dinner so i choosed to go with her, but at the end what also don't have =( so regret, early know i accompany my dear better xD
we shop almost all the shoes shop to find a pair of heel which match with her dinner dress == and finally she choosed to buy at vincci. around 9something we go back home to have our dinner =(

btw, today went to school i saw a 'bros' bottle and it write "YOU ARE BORN AS WHAT YOU ARE NOT AS OTHERS WANT YOU TO BE"
WOW, yeng man! i like it ! xD

Saturday, November 22, 2008


today i can't go anywhere because skin allergi =(
i can't go study, can't see my dear, anywhere also can't go!
i just can stay at home.
anything also dint study, whole day PLAY GAME!

Happy Anniversery

yesterday was our anniversery, so we dint went to shu xuan study but we go dating xD about 11something, dear had came to my house wait me....after i had finish prepare, he was studying because his exam is coming soon so i don't want disturb him and sit there wait him finish study....
at the end, i wait until fall asleep.== when i wake up, i saw him online-ing...what the
okay, finally we can go out....lolz

because it still too early so we went to queensbay first before go to gurney watch movie.we just walk around there because we don't have things to the end we go bread history bread a mocha cheese bread then went to starbucks buy my favourite coffee - caramel macchiatto and he continue study again....[what a hardworking guy uh]xD
i played my phone's game when he was study.about 4something we left queensbay and off to gurney.

we arrived there around 4.45pm and we straight went to buy movie ticket first. there was alot of movie that we haven't watch, finally we choosed to watch quarantine which is a new movie at 7.45pm
after that, we walk around and went to new gurney's bulding.hmm....seems like not very big and quite a lot os shop haven't open yet. then we back to the old building.
i want to buy new shoes so we shop all the shoes' shop and survey, most of them had year end sale and their stocks were very nice =)
finally, i buy a pair of heel [not very high] at PDI and apply their member card bacause it has a lot of benefit.....LOL!

after that, we went to find our dinner. at the end, we choosed to eat bak kut teh at Bak Kut Teh Ong...their food not bad and it is cheaper than teh tarik xD
around 7something, we went to watch our movie -- Quarantine...
if anyone haven't watch this movie, i advice you that BETTER DON'T WATCH...
it is a boring movie and meaningless. everyone were complained that what sux movie it is.
after that, we just went home.

i'm so happy, already half year since we together. i wanna tell you that,


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mcd Today

shu xuan is close on thursday so today i go mcd study with lay ling,siang ling and 1of her friend...i reach paya terubong around 12.30pm,because i don't know how to cross the road so i asked siang ling come and take me xD she ride motor come and fetch me to mcd...because lay ling not arrive yet so i just put my file at hui fern there then i followed siang ling go to her house and take her school's graduate magazine and visit her mum because i quite a long time dint go her house dy =)

p/s: i sit her motor without helmet because she dint bring for me==

we reach mcd about 1pm.i go and find lay ling and she go to fetch her friend...finally,she and her friend reach dy...her friend quite pretty xD
after we had revision for some hours,lay ling feel bored and ask us wanna play chor dai di or not because siang ling had bring == i wonder she came to mcd study or play
i'm a hardworking girl so i was doing account when played with them xD
about 6pm, my mum called me and then we all go back dy

hmm....long time dint meet siang ling she became dark and thin,my mum feel that also hehe

we had plan that 4th of dec wanna go siang ling's house bbq and gambling xD we still said wanna overnight at there,but i still need ask my parent's permission,hope that they allow me to overnight because that time spm just pass and i already so hardworking and fight for my spm xP
who are interesting can join us but it just open for GIRLS only =P

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm Yours - Jason Mraz

Well, you done done me and you bet I felt it
I tried to be chill but your so hot that I melted
I fell right through the cracks, now I'm tryin to get back
before the cool done run out I'll be givin it my best test
and nothin's gonna stop me but divine intervention
I reckon it's again my turn to win some or learn some

But I won't hesitate no more,
no more, it cannot wait
I'm yours

Well open up your mind and see like me
open up your plans and damn you're free
look into your heart and you'll find love love love love
listen to the music of the moment people dance and sing
We're just one big family
And it's our godforsaken right to be loved loved loved loved loved

So, i won't hesitate no more,
no more, it cannot wait i'm sure
there's no need to complicate our time is short
this is our fate
I'm yours

Scooch on over closer, dear
And I will nibble your ear

I've been spendin' way too long checkin' my tongue in the mirror
and bendin' over backwards just to try to see it clearer
But my breath fogged up the glass
and so I drew a new face and I laughed
I guess what I'd be sayin' is there ain't no better reason
to rid yourself of vanities and just go with the seasons
it's what we aim to do
our name is our virtue

But I won't hesitate no more,
no more it cannot wait
I'm yours

Well open up your mind and see like me
open up your plans and damn you're free
look into your heart and you will find that the sky is yours

so please don't, please don't, please don't,
there's no need to complicate,
Cause our time is short
This, this, this is our fate,
I'm yours

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

7 Down

today was add maths and moral paper...add maths was very suck because i blank alot =X
and before paper 1 i had take medicine so i was fall asleep with the pen when i was writting.....LOL!but at the end i wake up and continue write xD
moral paper i kiam kiam not enough time to write so at the end just qin qin cai cai BOOM all the things nia.....hmm scare~~~
finally i can rest for 1 night because art stream student need to wait until 26th of dec only have chinese paper and that day is the last day for science stream student BUT NOT US!
damn pity....still need to wait until 3rd of dec =(
btw, 7down and just left 3more paper which is about 15DAYS TO GO ONLY!
the most inportant is NO MORE ADD MATHS IN MY LIFE!hurray~~~!
so i'm free for tonight, playing and chatting =D

Monday, November 17, 2008

Ohoh Very Trouble

today is the 4th day of SPM and is science paper
we start from 8.10am - 9.25am for paper 1 and 10.00am - 12.30pm for paper 2
paper 1 still okay but paper 2 was very suck =(
what i have study it dint come out but it come out all i din't see before so 1 more paper GONE!
tomorrow is add maths and moral....add maths?gone
just wish that tomorrow faster over then i no need see mr. add maths anymore xD
anyway,god bless me please~ xD
got to do revision.....bye~

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Today is Monday

today go shu xuan study again
whole day study science only because i keep day dreaming and watching
today sit beside a pretty and handsome couple =D
me and pei shan discuss about what is the handsome + rich guy car and we keep talk about him and his gf xD because the guy is polite hardworking gentleman quite good looking and a bit rich [what a wonderful guy] and she say she love this kind of guy =X
he really gentleman because when his gf asked him to help her copy homework he won't say 'NO' and he always help her gf take water WOW i also want such a good guy too xD [shhh....later some body jealous]LMAO!

today shu xuan close at 7.20pm because they have a talk at night so we all got to go back earlier pei shan asked to let them go back first erhm....she want to see what car he drive :S
and we saw he drive AVANZA....okay not bad =) seems like he really wonderful BUT HE IS FORGETFUL PERSON yesterday he forgot to take back his file today he forgot to TAKE BACK HIS WALLET......OMG

okay....because today keep dreaming and gossip so i haven't finish mt to comtinue my science bye bye :-)

p/s: he already got gf, so pei shan don't think too much xD

Friday, November 14, 2008


grrr....i'm going crazy!just because of you MR.ADD MATHS
you make me crazy!!!!!!!i don't want to see you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Girl's Diary

today i go shu xuan study again.luckily lay ling sms me tell me that she had arrived there haha i thought i need to study there alone.thanks lay ling xD
today i revision for add maths.start from function == LOL! hmm....but we chatting there more than we study xD
we talk about me and david's love story xD and also pei shan's love story haha....seems like today is LOVE STORY DAY more than STUDY
today make a lot of fun there.....BUT MY ADD MATHS GONE~~
anyway, who can teach me add maths?add maths paper is on tuesday OMG just left 2days monday some more have to sit for science paper :S
and i realise that my maths objective make a lot of careless mistake....can i get A for maths?i think quite abit hard =(
so how?seems like every paper also don't know what i write, seems like my result will be very bad...sobx

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Before SPM

hmm i know it's quite abit late to talk about before SPM things but really meaningfull to me =D


31st of october is our graduation ceremony, all form 5 students were so high keep take photo with friends and teachers. about 9o'clock we all go up to the hall to wait for the don't know what dua liap lang....during that, our teacher had show us a video which is about our school life our photo and put the stupid sadness song and make so many students cried.

after the graduation ceremoney, is our buffet lunch time =D
all people just wait for this moment since the ceremony quite abit boring xD
our class is the first wan who can go to take the food first mwahaha xD this must say thank you to jun min dy =)

er....the buffet lunch not really nice but we all enjoy the time because we can't always gather like this after that.....
here are some photo of the graduation day =]

yam sheng again

yam sheng when the buffet lunch

graduation ceremony

hui ying & me

lisa & me

cindy & me

me cindy & wen ee


6th of november

today is the last day we all go to school before SPM because we need to take our slip peperiksaan and need to arrange our sit in the hall

today really is the boring and meaningless day because go there whole morning, 12.30pm only need to go to the hall. so we all keep photo xD

are they meeting?xD

meeting FINISH!

curi - curi ambil punya =X

wen yi, jie ying, ying ling & me

our school old builing which going to demolition

wen yi & me

vain xD

Here I Come.....

hey hey hey i'm here!xD this is not the first time i blogging but i had change to here from WRETCH. special reason just because i feel that here are easier for me to upload photo and WRETCH has alot of rules and regulation =)
today is the 3rd day of SPM and i already finish 4 subjects which means i still left 6 and 20days to go ONLY! arrrhh~ so happy can't wait until that moment! xD
okay....don't talk about that 4 subject because i also don't know what i had write =X
i still left 6subject :

17.11 science
18.11 add maths & moral
26.11 chinese
01.12 account
03.12 perdagangan


but now......i still need to put more effort to study ==

wish all the form 5 candicates all the best in the following paper =)