Sunday, May 22, 2011

Straits Quay

Me and Jiaying Went to Delicious at Straits Quay last Saturday to have my lunch. We reached there already a lot of people waiting but we saw many empty table, the waiter told us that it's fully booked, have to write the name in waiting list, so we just sit there and waited for half an hour.

After we get a table and ordered, we wait another 20minutes to get our DESSERT which just need to take out from the chiller and I don't know why the dessert come first. After dessert, we waited for another 10minutes again still the soup haven't serve yet while the guests after us already having their main course happily. We couldn't stand for it as we both also very hungry, we asked the waitress who pass by us, she told us that the waiter FORGET to key in our order. We were like WTH?!

The waitress apologize and immediately served us our soup. When we still having our soup, my main course come but jiaying's didn't come until I already finished half of my course. We then asked the waitress yet she answered us that there is nothing on the list, which means the guy who took order FORGET to key in her main course. She has to wait for another 17minutes again as told by the waitress. We both were so angry and before we leave, we wrote a very bad comment on the survey card. :X what to do, their SERVICE really BAD what. :P

While waiting for the dessert.

The dessert, taste not bad.

Jasmine tea.

Wild Mushroom soup, tasteless. =/

French Onion soup, Not bad.

Pasta, *forget the name*

Smoked salmon, according to jiaying, she said not bad.

Although we very full but we NOT SATISFY at all due to the bad service!!!

Photo time:

We have same mouth. :D

Shake hand with Charlie Brown.

Don't kick my head. :D

She wants to wait for the school bus too.

Let me join in please. =3=

The technique of having long and thin leg in the photo. lmao

Acting. hehe.
After this, we went to Irish bar have a drink and talk. I like the environment over there, but the problem is that day don't have handsome mat saleh for us to
Margarita for me.

Cosmopolitan for Jiaying.

Complimentary snack.
Have a great day over there and I really enjoyed this kind of life. Relaxing and having fun. (:


On Wednesday, I went to Straits Quay again for lunch before work. We went to Blue Reef. The food was good and service was good as well. The price is not expensive at all. Set lunch include a soup of the day, main course and one ice leamon tea. Full and satisfy!! xD

Ice Lemon Tea.

Soup of the day.

While waiting for the main course. *Too free*

I ordered Paprika chicken. It taste very nice. (:

I can't live without coffee. Hazelnut Latte. ;)

Beautiful Straits Quay.

Charlie & Snoopy

Nice lamp.

My papa not rich. xD

They said this yogurt not bad, gonna try next time. :D

Imagine it's mine. :P

I wish I'm staying here.

oops~ going to rain dy.

ME!! :D
We went to Delicious again for the dessert time. I know previously I complaint about the service very bad, but their dessert taste nice so what to do? I went again. xD
Look at these! How can you not come again just for the dessert right? 

Chocolate Brownie~ YUMMY!

Strawberry Cheese Cake.

ms. Joyce! ;)

Last sea view of Straits Quay before went back.
 And of course, the blogger. :P

Seriously, I love the environment at Straits Quay, I enjoy having fun over there, especially when I holding a camera!! LOL  I can't wait to buy my Lumix, but I have no time to work part time, DAMN!! :( 
When the time I get my Lumix, my laptop memory gonna EXPLODE!!! lmao