Sunday, March 21, 2010

March's Baby

03.03.2010 Pei Wei's Birthday
me, ranny and pei wei went to gurney's manila place and redbox to celebrate her birthday. we do gave her a small surprise at redbox.=D

07.03.2010 Yenni's Birthday
me,lisa,chin wei,yenni, jiaying and john went to mois to celebrate with yenni.

here comes my birthday. 20.03.2010
but i celebrate it one day earlier.=] i have a memorable birthday countdown party and a great night! thanks to all of you.♥


Tze Siong said...

just realize u got a blog...hahah..
and your fren yenni's bday on 07.07.2010 eh oso celebrated d ahh?? tiok boh? or ur date salah? visit mine kay..hahaha..

genievre said...

i also got the big bear..haha