Monday, April 12, 2010


it's 2.20 am now and i still awake. you know what, i'm searching for food's pictures to upload.LOL!what am i doing uh? moody. when i sad, i used to listen to music then i cried. but i promise myself, don't cry over silly things. so here come another way to help me cheer up myself. i like to eat, especially lately, i ate a lot. more than you can imagine. lately, i'm so addicted to these food.i'm gonna find these out, and eat it. to make myself happy.(:

waffles with peanut and butter.

zhang yu shao.

fried rice with runny egg. i miss aunty shop mia fried rice.):

green tea ice cream which Ranny and Pei Wei feel disgusting yet i feel it so delicious.XD

Banana split.

haegendaz fondue

cheese macaroni

half boiled egg with toast.

mcdonalds ice cream.i want apple favor. ;)

twister fries.

it's been long time i dint eat these food and now i'm so addicted to them.=D
you know what, i'm so hungry now. =X


RanNy said...

yeeeeeeeeeeee.... green tea ice cream tsate like grass...
I WANT HAAGEN DASZ FONDUE!!! The picture makes me hungry.

genievre said...

wa... ng sook yong, next time dont put this kind of picture at blog lah... haiz.. im extremly hungry le, sommore this food very hard to get at KL... haiz.. miss penang food..

ms.joyce said...

ranny: you lar grass.hmph~XD
shi jie: that time i also very hungry.XD