Thursday, May 20, 2010


went to Gurney shopping with jiaying yesterday. it's been 2months + i dint come out shopping. we reach gurney around 4something, when we went to atm machine there, i just realize i forget to take my purse come out.damn! since we are not rush, so we went back to my house and take the purse. reach Gurney around 6something, went to winter warmers have dinner, then start shopping! around 9something we only finish buying all the stuff in my shopping list.

both of us planned not to go back earlier so we went to Sega Fredo have a cup of chocolate and waiting for chin wei to come and take his belated birthday present.XD jiaying suggest me to buy him a pair of socks which can separate the fingers and i choose a very colorful and sharp one for him.hehe.hope he like it lar.XD

Chin Wei's present.

Sega's Hot Chocolate.

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