Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Event Crew

I have been working for CINEMA ONLINE as an event crew for 2 weeks plus at Queensbay Mall. first event is Movie BlockBusta which my job is to take care the costume studio and sometimes went to the 3D theater booth. It's fun on the first few days but when you continuously work for the same things everyday you will feel bored too.

The second event is School Holidays Carnival with Toys Story 3. my job changing everyday, sometimes i need to help out at the stage for prizes and games, sometimes i need to be baby sitter take care the kids' playground, sometimes i need to help Ranny for the Space Invader place and sometimes i need to take care the figurines which cost 20k US dollar each.

Some of the crew and MC are from KL, they are nice and friendly actually just SOME of them really speechless.LOL!=X anyway, i really enjoy working with them and this two weeks. hope that we still have chance to work again. : )

p/s : anyone which do not have my contact number but interested to work as a part timer for different fair or event, please do not hesitate to contact me here or facebook. once i get job and they need people, i might call you. : )

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