Friday, October 01, 2010

I don't feel good

I don't feel good, i just don't feeling good! It's alright, maybe just my emotion problem. Sometimes, i just do not know what should i do anymore at this moment. Do i really need a hug? or stay alone? is it I think too much? i don't know. i'm very confuse right now. about everything. I don't know how to express and i don't know what i want.

I'm tired, tired of everything. Sometimes just wish that i could rest in peace.

Pride or Love?= Leave or Stay?
當你很愛一個人的時候, 並不會想到面子問題. 你會想盡辦法愛他,把他留在身邊, 已經沒有所謂的尊嚴可談. 不是嗎?
If you don't know my silent you won't know my words.

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