Sunday, January 02, 2011

hello 2011

hmmm..... i know i'm a bit late to say hi to 2011 as now it's already 2nd if Jan but who cares? i just suddenly have feel to say something here. xD

it's 2011 and i'm going to 20years old SOON, very soon, no longer a teenage. i shouldn't be so childish dy. i should have think of future. yes, i did think about it long long time ago but now, i should start to fight for my dream. perhaps, it's not so BIG, but still it's MY DREAM. I will try my very best to achieve it. :D i should DARE TO DREAM, no matter how many time things had disappointed me.

look back these 20years, did i do anything that proud? NO! what a sad thing uh. but i had learned a lot in 2010, and it will helps me in the future. i must bear in mind that all these lessons, i believe that all of these happen will affect my future.

whatever, 2010 is gone. 2011 just start. remember the happy memories and bear in mind the lessons, do the best in this year and fight for my future. nobody will help you except yourself because it is your future. you should responsibility of it.

last but not least,

Hello 2011, i will make you as my starting point of my future. Work hard babeh!! :)

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