Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Future

hmm...lately busy with my work. chinese new year is around the corner, everybody busy with buy new clothes, new shoes. so my shop was a lot of people, keep run here and there, from Add-On to Adidas, from Adidas back to Add-On.== some more everyday also noon and full. tomorrow onwards my shift is FULL until NEXT TUESDAY only can off. wait i come back to work, FULL AGAIN!== damn tired man!some more no time shopping buy new clothes.==

although i was very busy, but i still think of my future.=D last few days i still consider which course should i management?or marketing?

at the end, i choose to study MANAGEMENT!=] which college should i choose?Disted?or IPG?dear told me that IPG is cheaper some more same school with him. xD

hmm....i still consider which college,but i already confirm that i wanna study management!hmm,...anything also need to wait until my SPM result come out first, if the result was suck, hoho NO NEED STUDY. :S

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