Saturday, January 10, 2009

Off Day

hmmm, long time dint blogging dy because busy of working.
today off day so i went to do straighten.woke up by mum early in the morning because i need to open account for my salary at RHB bank.after that, i fetch mummy went to nearest kopi tiam having lunch.before she went to work, she fetch me to dear's house.

around 2pm, dear fetch me to farlim babtain to do my hair.there were very cold until i keep around 5o'clock, my hair was finally done.then siew yin come and fetch me to queensbay,we went to jusco shopping a while and i buy a slice of choc mud cake at secret receipe for my dear.=D

about 8pm, dear had arrived queensbay.i went gurney with him while siew yin continue work.we went to gurney plan to watch movie, but i was too tired so we cancel it.we just walked around doing nothing ah loong, dear's secondary friend and chat a while. after that, we went perkaka having dinner.before we wanna go home,joey sms me asked me to fetch calvin due to she fall sick cant fetch him.

we reached there around 10.30pm, we sit in the car waited for him.half and hour ago he only came out.== after that we just went back home.
now i was so sleepy and tired, tomorrow some more need to work full, so now got to go to bed =] goodnight.

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