Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bad Day

monday, my second semester start. when lixian and i on the way to college were so happy and chatting in the car. suddenly the car in front suddenly emergency break then i quickly break but also can't break at the time and hit the front car abit, 1second later, "bump", a car at the back hit my car.and i hit the front car again.zZ it was raining at that time.damn it!

call ahchuan because he is the one who stay at the nearest. he took around 15min to reach.== he called his uncle to help us settle. then we off to workshop wait his uncle.after that went to police station to report. after all the things had settle, we went to eat lunch then went to college.

second class for the first day, front office management, teach by Adie.zZ what a girlish lecturer, i wonder how we going to concentrate during his class.we will laugh when we see his stupid girlish action.OMG, now recall back also feel it's freaking funny!XD

honda stream, the 1st car which drive by an aunty.(lixian said is her car just because of the no.plate is her birthday date.==)

my car GONE!!!!my money also gone. x( i wonder how fast is the last one.

see, i drive slowly only. XD
the 3rd car

luckily i'm the middle one, so i no need to pay that honda stream repair's money. it's expensive wey.so i'm not so worry and can take picture with my darling in ahchuan's car.lmao

kena shock because of the accident. >///<


Yen said...

WAH!!! then r u ok?
erm..how is ur car?

Joyce said...

haha, still at workshop.no ar use for almost 1month.zZZ