Tuesday, August 04, 2009

the day after exam before new semester.

went to many places to distress after my final exam, due to our semester break just have 1week.zZZ but not many photo had took.

many things happen lately, no point to say again because just spoiled my mood again and make me super duper down. but thanks god, got my darling ahxian accompany me.=) although she not say alot to console me.lol i'm at her house now, online-ing.=] beside her, still have my ji mui ahhan console me and my brother ahchuan tell jokes.=D tomorrow after work going out with them, maybe. hope that i can cheer up soon.

guys, you had make my day happier.

ginna tiok si ginna.he is my brother. :)

sexy boy

when he was ginna

my darling, ahxian

my brother,ahchuan (he is driving darling's car) DANGEROUS~

WE ARE SHY!~ >///<

darling act shy.=P

he kesi dont let us take but actually he want eh.XD

see, at the end still laugh ka aneh hiao ko. lol

my ji mui, ahhan

his pose damn hiao~


p/s: thanks my dear.

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