Sunday, December 20, 2009

Beach & Bitch!

i love beach lately.since the beach party.LOL! keep went to beach and take photo.XD planning next tuesday go batu ferrghi beach again. i'll take alot alot of photo again.hahaha.XD

Last friday was Ms.Yasuko farewell party and Mr.Puvin belated birthday party. Ms.Yasuko is going back to Japan and no longer teach us japanese language dy.hmm....although i not always attend her class but i do miss her too.=( as a committee, we need to reach there by 4pm. but due to traffic jam and raining so many people late. before the party start, i fetch ranny,pei wen and jeremy, we four in a row went to island plaza bought heineiken and christmas hat! the hat just cost RM2.99 for 3!wow.

because of raining, so the game session had cancel and we all have our own activities. have alot of fun there, make fun with our lecturer and taking photo with friends. me,ranny and jeremy are the most high among them.LOL! hope next party is coming soon and we make fun again.:D

the 2 leng luis.XD
HE is mr.puvin.:D
the siao one.
yucks~ chi ko pek.XD
Ms.Yasuko,she is.
Our funny and young and charming lecturer,MR.PUVIN!lol

i said:sharing is caring,sir~! he said: no sharing for today.LOL

ranny pintch my face.
we force to hug each other so our face look sad and suffer.
you are dancing king and i am dancing queen.LMAO

drinking time. =D
he is my wife and he is begging me.hahahahaha
dancing time.xD :-

shake your boom boom.

i wanna eat you!

Last saturday went to batu ferrghi beach again with Shane.plan to photoshoot but because of we are not plan to go beach from the beginning so he is not wearing beach wear. ruinned the photoshooting mood so just cancel and i make fun there planing next tuesday ka shoot.xD

you can't see my leg.

you saw my leg.

he is shane who look alike deng jin.==
the scene:

below are ME!:-

Beach & Bitch! both i love. :)

he is playing Canon D with keyboard.

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3mily*ying said...

u know shane too ah. the world is so small. haha