Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Have Fun!

It's been long time i dint update my blog dy. nothing special happen in the past and not much photo taken so just lazy update. some more it's study break,everyday just study study study.(actually we chatting and hang out more than
Last thursday (10.12.09) the day before exam finish, i went to watch JUMP with doreen,huei wen lisa and vincent chang(lisa's friend) after my SQM finish.xD went to lisa house fetch her and huei wen then park my car at doreen house and we all sit her car went to gurney. we then went to gurney drive have our dinner and vincent came met up with us.

JUMP is a nice movie, i love it very much!maybe because i like dancing.XD i dont mind to watch it again and again.wait PPS got dy i will watch it AGAIN!lol

Saturday (12.12.09), ah chuan as a organiser had organised a belated birthday party at BED for vincent and alan. :) they are now officially 21 years old and 22years old.x) have alot of fun there, long time dint meet them dy so miss them.LOL! and alot of new members which i dont know and now i just can recognise some only.hmmm.... chatting,playing and drinking over there.make some new friends.=D around 2something we only went home.

ah hao,me and pei pei.(new friend)

front: kent,manfred,max,jameson,jassment.(if i'm not
ah hao,ailing,vincent,ah chuan and me
me,ah hao and shane

max,kent,me,ah chuan,tze ming(ryan) and manfred.the group.

should be only girls but i dont know why some guys are joining us.LOL
the girls in the house. x)
he bully me again.==
they are looking at us because we close again.hahahaha

keshvan and me.
we act hiao.XD

act like i'm smoker.LOL

andy and wa.

we are brothers~!:D

Alan & Vincent. the birthday boy.

Sunday (13.12.09) went to dewan sri pinang with doreen because my sister has 2VIP ticket os the charity concert. reach there around 7pm.the show start with some students performance like orchestra by chung ling student,dance performance by chung ling and peng hua and kids sang "i have a dream".after that, artists performance start. first is stella and jin and yoke.all are local singer and i just know yoke.=X follow by Danny,the rapper and the last one is Ron from hong kong.

Danny & his group:


enjoy the video.:D

Tuesday (22.12.09) me,lisa and chin wei went to shane's studio because they need lisa to help them record a business song.after that,we went to gurney watch the princess and the frog.was so many people queue the end,we saw reuben's friends and we asked them to help us buy the ticket because the movie started.
it's a nice movie.funny and the ending quite touching and romantic.:D we both keep laughing non-stop in the night, we went to coffee islang to discuss out christmas eve's plan.billy,shane,doreen,wen huey and huei wen join us at coffee island too.

shane is playing love story in his studio while waiting for lisa and chin wei.
he act his innocent face
they are buddy.

super super innocent.acting king.XD

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