Monday, August 02, 2010

Party in the house!

went to gurney with baby before the house party start. eat lunch and movie.
Salt by Angelina Jolie, who is famous of sexy lips. this movie was nice, and i'm so admire her.LOL. she is really very smart and independent. she is a Russia's spy who trained to destroy America but at the end she betray her trainer, Russia because she found out that among the spies, there is someone who set a trap to frame her. the story line is good and interesting, i rate this movie as 4 star. : )

after the movie, we went back to John's house for the house party, which is to celebrate Jessica's belated birthday as she came back from Japan last week. Most of the guests are their cousin, only few are her friends while John only called Ah Wei, Water, Edward, Simon, Doreen, Linda, Robin & Jingle.

makes a lot of fun there and i do really enjoy the night! ♥

The couple! ♥

they are just FRIEND. : )

Before i end the post, i'm here again to say :

Happy Belated Birthday to Jessica Elle! : )

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