Monday, February 14, 2011

Eat, Eat, Eat

What to do in Chinese New Year? Visit cousins, take 'and pau', gambling and the most important for me - E.A.T.!!! xD

This year, i really eat a lot. my uncle treat, cousins' house party, friend's house party and so on. I had gain weight for this few days but who cares, we Cantonese always say: 食得是福, which means is a good things if you can eat. :D

Many food i had eaten but i only take some photos only. Show you some DELICIOUS food. ;)

These are the food from Tong Hoi Seafood Restaurant.
roast pork. it LOOKS good.

Preserved meat meal



Abalone vegetable.


Shark fin soup

Roast duck.

perhaps the restaurant had changed the chef, the food taste too salty, it used to very nice taste.

These food are cater from Little Cottage.
Fried rice - black pepper and mushroom



Chicken Ham

Spaghetti bolognese.


Braised pork & wonton.

Fish lasagna?

Yu Shang.
Overall the food taste not bad. If you are finding place for cater or dine in, can have a try at Little Cottage, the price is cheap. For cater, it is only RM20 per head. :)

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