Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Family

During Chinese New Year, we can meet a lot of our cousins which we less contact but when new year time, we will spend time together, having fun, talking about our life and etc. we meet them once a year, or once in 2 - 3years. the last time we saw them, they are only a small kid but times fly, now had become a pretty / handsome teenage, no longer the naughty one.

We usually will take many photos with our cousins, to capture the meaningful moments in our life. These are my cousins, they are my father's sibling children. (:

My uncle's younger daughter, Alicia. She is cute right? :D

This girl is my elder sister, people said we look alike.

Ms. Ng in the house.

My uncle's family
My aunt's younger daughter, Lily.


My uncle's elder daughter, Brenda

I ♥ My Family. :D 
i miss my grandpa. :(

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