Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Love Travel - Zoo Taiping

Went to Zoo Taiping with my sister and mummy. It was a sudden decision and afternoon around 1something only we start our journey to Taiping. We reached there around 3pm if not mistaken. Not many people over there because it was Tuesday. The weather was freaking hot but when we leaving time, it raining.

The entrance fee is RM 12 for adult. Many animals were sleeping when we were there. The zookeeper told us that in the afternoon, most of the animals will sleep, they will only active at night. We were like, OWH~ should come for the night safari.

Not much animals in Zoo Taiping, or maybe all of them went to sleep dy? or maybe that's Malaysia's Zoo. oops~ The condition of the animals also not very good, some of them look so thin, some of them look so dirty, some like sick and not healthy at all. =/ what to do? i saw quite a lot of the workers are foreign worker. haih....

Nothing much to say, let's the pictures tell you how's the animals in Zoo Taiping. (:

On the way to Taiping.

The most old prison, since 1879, older than E&O. lol

A stall in front the entrance, selling all the souvenirs.  

Funny mummy with the crab. LOL
Leopard cat
He was sick. Look at his eye, it's white color.

He was walking, when i'm about to take photo, he was stop and
stand there posing for me. haha, how cute. 

A small waterfall.

A dirty cow. =/

Zebra, from far~

The color of the parrot is so nice. (:


Monkey on the road~ we were so scare when they coming
down and walk pass us. 

Blue parrot. These is nicer than previous one. hehe

He was actually sleeping when we stand there, but suddenly he open his
 eyes andlet me take photo, then he sleep back. haha

He is biting the plastic bottle

A huge Arowana.

Black goats. Goats is my friend. XD

They are Baboon. 狒狒 their face and butts are red in color.

The board tell you who are them. 

Wild boar. Ugly right? 

Babi Bodoh. laugh me dead. they are so ugly, with a long nose. 

Camels, in a not so good condition. 


Tiger. He is walking to take bath. relaxing in the water. LOL


Black leopard. he purposely walk here and there like a model
for me to take picture. LOL

The family. :D
 Around 5something, we left and start raining. Although the zoo is not big but still having fun over there. Many animals can't see at that time, hope that i get a chance to visit the night safari . :D

Then we headed to Ipoh for dinner, 老王芽菜鸡~ the most famous chicken rice at Ipoh.

Saw this inside Ipoh's shopping mall, it's for people to
charge their mobile phone's battery, so cool~

The blogger. XD

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