Saturday, September 17, 2011

Balik Pulau

Went to Balik Pulau last Thursday. Never been there before although I live in Penang for 20years. haha~ I went there once but only for the Laksa then back, not really visit there. This time different, of course Laksa is a must at Balik Pulau, but i get a chance really visit Balik Pulau. 

Tried two different Laksa, one is Chinese another one is Malay. Malay Laksa is only RM 1 for one small bowl, you can refill the soup, it's free~ but i still like Chinese Laksa, not used to Malay one. Last time i tried the laksa is sweet one, but this time i didn't try it. Will go back for it again. hehe

Went to the beach, I just know that Balik Pulau do have a beach! I thought it is an island, but they do have beach. * Forget my ignorance.* XD reached there around 4something, the sun is so hot, but who cares? I LOVE BEACH~ enjoying the environment and the sea water there, some more not much people like Batu Ferringhi, nobody disturb. haha

Fish eye by HTC Desire S.

Real view of the Beach. The sand is not that dirty, even
the sea also you hardly see any rubbish.
 I like Balik Pulau. One of the reason is I can find BEACH and MOUNTAIN here. I can easily see beach, enjoy the sea and sky, and also I can easily view the whole Balik Pulau at the mountain there. Want to see sunset also not a problem~ So i went to mid to see sunset after the beach. :D

When the sun getting low and low and low:

Ignore the "PEACE" leg. LOL

Getting dark and dark and dark


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