Monday, October 10, 2011

Summer Garden

Went to Summer Garden on Saturday night for the dinner. It is located somewhere near to the Tarc, before Tarc if you come from Gurney Drive. It is at the corner. It is launch by my friend, Edmund's friend and the environment over there not bad.

We ordered only main course each person and Edmund ordered some extra dish to share with each other. Before main course, we ate a plate of sushi (forget the name) and a plate of sashimi. Both taste not bad, I personally love the sashimi plate because I just love sashimi. XD but the wasabi not very spicy like sakae one. I put more than usual but still don't feel spicy. The sashimi plate look nice on the presentation but I was too attracted with it and too hungry i forget to take picture. XD

King Prawn Olio Spaghetti.
 I ordered a King Prawn Olio Spaghetti but the prawn doesn't look like King size. LOL~ It was not bad at the beginning but when I almost finished it, it start taste salty. Very salty.
Michelle's - Carbonara.
 I taste once, it was very creamy. If you are someone who like creamy food, then their carbonara is recommended. 

I personally recommend their special caramel latte. It has presentation some more. Look :

 It is a cold drink but they didn't put ice. The cubic things is not chocolate but is coffee. They freeze the coffee become cubic size and bring to the guest and do presentation. They pour hot fresh milk inside to slowly melt the coffee and a small jug of caramel for you to adjust the sweetness according to your taste. I personally don't like it too sweet so i just pour bit and it really taste good. If you are a coffee lover, I think you will love their caramel latte. *THUMBS UP*.

Pan Fried Foie Grass.
 Compare to Cassis, their foie grass don't taste good. Maybe because they cut it thick, the side was crispy but the middle part was not soft and juicy enough. Last time I went to Cassis, their foie grass was super delicious. The side part was so crispy, once you bite it, it was so soft and juicy, the juice just squirt out to your mouth~ @@
Cheese baked King Prawn.
This is really King Prawn, so big. I just taste some due to very full after so many course. It has many small prawn inside. The small prawn were so fresh but I feel that it still lack of the smell of the cheese. The cheese didn't penetrate into the prawn, it taste like, two different things, prawn just prawn without the taste of cheese while the cheese just a melted cheese.

Was so damn full that night and I very SATISFIED of it although some of the food don't taste good, but some do. And I make a lot fun over there, enjoy with friends. It has been long time didn't hang out with such a big group friends.

Memorable day~ :D

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