Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Sire Museum Restaurant

Went to The Sire Museum had my dinner on last Sunday with Juvenn and Alan. The environment there not bad, and we can visit it after the meal because they have many antique things showed at the other side of the restaurant.

We ordered two appetizer for sharing, soup and main course.

The bread.
 It is served with the sauce which taste like bolognese and the bread is not a normal one but made with herb. It taste good~
Prawn salad.
 The salad taste like what I ate at Ferringhi Garden. It has the sesame oil inside, I guess. The prawns were fresh enough.
Crab cake.
 It is special but I don't really like it. To me, it don't taste good. So so only. =/
Seafood soup. * I forget the name*
 I take it as a traditional malay soup. Why traditional? Because it served in the Museum! XD  It taste a little bit spicy and full of the taste of spice. I was delicious but one thing bad was the oyster not fresh enough. When I bite it, it taste pink. yewwwwwwww~ 

Mushroom soup.
 I like the presentation. It just look like mocha which i used to make during my training at Farquhar's Bar, E&O. xD
Main course - Tiger Prawn.
I think I had ordered Malay course that day. All my courses were so spicy. This tiger prawn served with all the small chili. :S  It was very very spicy to me, who can't eat spicy, but if you do, then you can try it. Make sure it is fresh because that day, the tiger prawn wasn't fresh at all. None of them was fresh.

Was very full that day but not really satisfied with the food. The food was so so only, but the environment not bad. Still enjoyed that night, because I have friends to chill with. (:

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