Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Working Again

today is the 2nd day work at Queensbay Add-on.since i had finished the power rangers show i had stopped work until yesterday.quite long time dint stand for so long, so now my leg was so pain and feel so tired.

i think i wont change job dy because lazy to at there quite free, no cctv, supervisor not always there and the assistant very funny and siao wan, beside it's combine with adidas so mostly they went to adidas chit chat, add-on just left me and another part timer, really free xD

about the salary also okay lar RM5 per hour but public holidays only RM6 per hour some more we need to buy the shirt as uniform, staff purchase 50% but after less also expensive the supervisor told us need to buy shoes due to we work until may.WTH?use my salary to buy all the stuff?then me work free at your shop?crazy

about the colleague still okay lar, i close with qing wei, same age as me,suan eng who work until tomorrow, bao ling, study at tarc and work there as part time and the assistant,siew ying (quite okay only lar actually xD)

so now i'm so tired and not yet bath, gtg tomorrow still need to work.bye

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