Thursday, July 16, 2009

MESRA Malaysia

Wednesday and Thursday, me,ahHan,Lixian,Deon,Joanne and Jeremy went to Tanjung Bunga Beach Hotel to attend 1 2days talk of MESRA MALAYSIA which force by Ms.Chin.LOL! woke up early in the morning because we need to reach there by 9am and the talk is end at 5pm. gosh~

first day, the trainer not bad, got many activities and presentation, and she very funny also.overrall not bad. after that, we all went to Gurney have our dinner at KimGary then we off to Parkson Padini to help ahHan choose shirts because his eye-sight too finally i help him choose 4pieces and he bought 2pieces with RM149.00. he suddenly became so handsome when he wear the formal shirt.LOL! see, i really a good image consultant.LMAO! after that, Jeremy drop us home.

second day, reach there a bit earlier than yesterday and we had our breakfast there. the trainer for the second day was not so good because he doesn't gave us any activities and presentation, he keep talking and explaining, we all feel boring. me,ahHan,Lixian and Deon went out and take picture 1hour before lunch.xD after the talk, me and Lixian went to Gurney watched Obsessed. the movie not bad, it's talk about a woman which has physically problem fell in love with a man who has wife and keep disturb the end, his wife fight with the woman and she died. after the movie, we went to BanHo have our dinner then back home.

overall, the seminar not bad, the explaining very boring so what we enjoy not the explaining, but we do read magazine, chit-chat,sms and make jokes + take photo during the session.haha.xD
lixian capture when ahHan change clothes.LMAO

see, he became so


i was waiting ahHan them.
we all went out and take photo.haha


ahHan,Vence,after packging.xD
endao ka beh si, you must thanks me.xP
Deon~ lixian mia.xD
she is SHY~!
Joanne, the quiet one & jeh diam diam listen.
Jeremy, the
lixian & me
we 4.=)

our tablemates.xD

Deon and Lixian,the new

what the respond he gave me.==




we just took the angle, no touch.guys, don't think too much.== Deon & lixian do the same pose too.but she dint sent me, damn she!

i was acting ahHan's junior mia fans when they saw ahHan wear this formal.LMAO!

i'm acting hiao one. or actually i'm the vain and hiao one.LOL!xD

Below are Lixian's works. all blame her.she hand gatal keep writting those boh boh eh

on first day, we curi curi read magazine under the book she gave us.second day, the magazine is on the book.LMAO!

the BOOK.
my TITO.


i was curi curi sms on first day, second tak kira

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