Monday, July 13, 2009

Penang Time Square

working as Hotlink promoter at Penang Time Square on Saturday and Sunday, 10am-10pm. :S very tired and my leg very pain. there have a big event, galaxy youth xxxx.i forget the name our college had sponsor dont know what too.xD we also took part in basketball and football, still have breakdace competition,eating competition,tressure hunt competition too. some more have 1 michael jackson performance on Sunday. the guy heard that is from Tarc and he really act like micheal jackson. his dance very nice.

on Sunday, we all very happy especially me.because i went to play the spin and win twice.first i spin and get a Mickey Mp3 which cost RM199 and i just purchase the RM5 for the magazine only.xD second time i help lixian spin and i get the celebrity 14trial for her while vincent spin and get the same prize so he gave to me because he dint use it.

at night, before we all went back, we went to play the game as shown by the video below.xD very fun and happy although very tired. i'm the one who the most lucky and happy.xD

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