Monday, October 12, 2009

Random Post

busy working for SuperPages for 2days only. first day me and lixian feel that not bad, quite fun actually and keep fight with those malay guys. but second day start we two slow motion dy because our legs and hands super pain. we keep sit in the car eat our biscuits only.LOL! at the end, we stop work for them dy.

Chang Lixian throw rubbish beside the road some more dare to say not her.=S
while i'm so hardworking to work. *praise* xD

ka mei's hair style.xD

so many book uh.sigh

Chang Lixian.

She keep said he is SOMEBODY.ceh~~~

she said this is me.actually i'm fit okay. xP

LMAO!i cant stop laughing because she said this is ah han.LOL~LOL~!

last friday, our club held a treassure hunt at Youth Park. we had took part. our group named D-ZIRE and the members are lixian,deng,han,me,deon and pato. wake up very early in the morning, fetch lixian then deng then went to jetti fetch ah han and pato. in the car, lixian asked pato whether his gf got took part, at the end ah han come out with this NICE 不講不氣,越講越生氣!!lol, because is me force them take part.=X although lixian and i whole body pain but still want to get first because the first prize is CHOCOLATEsssssss & VOUCHERssss!!!! but too bad, we both are low pressure TAK BOLEH LARI.sigh.only ah han and deng keep run.and both of them keep scold us:" ZAO KA KIN LARRRR!!KA KIN!!!!DUI~~!SIPEK BAN LOR,KO KONG AI FIRST PRIZE!!!"then ah han continue :"KO KA PEK LANG LAI,KEK KO KA KI ZAO TEH BAN!!!'
at the end, we get 7th among 15groups.not bad dy lar, got 2 OKU inside. xD
our group members, before the game start.=)

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