Saturday, November 21, 2009

Huei Wen's birthday

last wednesday was Huei Wen's birthday. me,lisa,doreen and her plus rudy went to bed for her celebration. but because of only 5 people there, we feel that the environment so dry, at the end huei wen suggested to go upper penang road. we all sit rudy's car.reached there around 11something,i think.

we went to Soy 11. we ordered one bucket of heineken. most of the people there are quite old, mostly around 25-40 something and the songs were very old too.LOL! we started regret and wanna leave. we finish the beer as fast as we can then we leave and went to mois. met ah deng and mahek there.rudy cant enter so asked mahek bring him enter. we ordered one bucket carlsberg again. i think around half an hour, 3 of them started high we all then go dance floor start DANCING~~!!

was super super high at that night.all of us sweating and very enjoy except rudy.xD ladies night so only 4 of us keep high-ing while rudy and mahek resposible to protect us.LMAO

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