Tuesday, November 10, 2009


last saturday morning went to Sg.Pinang have breakfast with sister and her bf. when we finish the breakfast, we find out that her car get bang by a lorry and the lorry had run away. the hawker told us the number of that lorry and we went to police station report. my sister was so angry and sad. the company some more dont want to pay my sister for repair.==

at night, we and may went to Teppan Yaki have dinner. actually, we planned to go Shuen Sheng one but when we reached there, already full.so we changed to Teppan Yaki which somewhere near island plaza. the taste of food very nice, i like it. i ordered a chicken course, came out a lot of food make me so full.LOL

finally, i had finish my course.lol


crazy sister.xD
chef is cooking the delicious food.xD


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