Tuesday, November 24, 2009

G Hotel's Christmas Tree

went to G Hotel today to see them set up for the christmas tree. was so big and tall. me and tauke climb up the staircase to see them painting. the height of the tree almost 2level. i was so scare when climbing up. tauke keep asked me climb up and up.== look at the picture you will know how tall is it.some more dont have any wall, only those aluminium staircase.super duper scare when i climb down from that. tauke's leg very long so he just jump down from one level to another one while i need to slowly climb down from the staircase.

that wear blue shirt eh is my boss. :D

look at the staircase. :O
they are busy painting.
me. xD
look at his post.lol
he very dare uh. climb until the highest and pain.

so dangerous~

so tall.==

the top of the tree.


Yen said...

WOW~~how come?
what job is it?
y can go G-Hotel set up the christmas tree d?!
like so syok aneh..xD

Joyce said...

LOL!the company is like constructor aneh. got do event,advertisement,design,stainless steel eh job and etc

genievre said...

u did the xmas tress?
next time can set up for me?

Joyce said...

lol.i dint set up lar.i just see them set up.LMAO