Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chinese New Year

30meh went to Doreen's house in the afternoon with chin wei and chung how because she having steamboat there. at night eat steamboat at home then play

cheh yit went to grandma house.take ang pau and gambling there. at night went to queensbay bought something and have dinner then home. ah john simon and ah wei came my house gambling until 2something only back.

misssss NG.

mummy and her girls.

we were selling orange.LMAO!

the family.

daddy and his princess.(:

so called S.H.E. XD

cheh ji went to butterworth take ang pau.visit all the relative's house.reached home at night then straight went to john's house with billy. reached there already 11pm, all his relative went back so no more ang pau.): gambling with them and john's father. was playing poker and i keep the end become dealer.LOL! went home around 3am.

cheh sah went to medicure and pedicure at queensbay with sister. after that having dinner with her and calvin. plan to watch movie after that but someone put me aeroplane so stay at home do assignment.== thought will be at home whole night,ah chuan suddenly called me and asked me go SOY 11.yeah~! vincent came and fetch me then we go SOY & FAME. due to hungry,so i VOMIT!wtf.

cheh si night went to upper AGAIN. this time went to ladies night for mois and it was so packed and hot! many people there and met many friends there too. it's freaking hot and keep sweating. came out that time,everybody like just finish bathing.LOL.

cheh goh went to queensbay because we having a small gathering there with melissa, shijie, branda, pohgaik. around 6something, we all leaving and have own function. i drop melissa then went to chin wei house. at night me,chin wei, jameson and his gf, johnson and ah loy went to watch percy jackson and the lightning thief. the story line abit fake but quite funny.


shi jie.

poh gaik.

cheh lak went to chin wei's house watch movie. i'm so addicted to his theater room!!lol. after that went to The Cave having family dinner.(:

cheh pek whole day at home do assignment.LOL!

p/s: due to chin wei busy with his assignment so i cant have my photo on cheh qit. will update soon.(:


genievre said...

wa... so proud leh.. this is the first time my pic were posted in ur blog..haha..kam siah kam siah..haha

ms.joyce said...

lol.what so proud?i'm not superstar pun