Saturday, February 13, 2010


when i listen to DOWN by Jay Sean it's nothing affect me but the piano version make me super duper down and want to cry though i love piano, i like people who know how to play piano.:)

"Baby don't worry,you're my only,you won't be lonely,even if the sky is falling down; you'll be my only,no need to worry....." if someone can tell me so with sincere and love me the way i are, love me for who i am.

Love is like heaven but can hurt like hell!

FML! i have nothing at the end.


SIMON said...

wow,its actually a quite good version...i dont know u are that weak before,cant see it out from ur face or style or kind or whatever things...dont sad...cheer up girl...u still got a long long way to go,be strong

ms.joyce said...

thanks my dear.i will cheer up myself.(: