Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Internship

Have been long time didn't update my blog dy, was busy with my training at Eastern & Oriental Hotel for 3 and half months and yesterday was my last day at E & O.

I don't always go to there before that, I have no ideas what E&O looks like actually because the last time I went there was few years ago. After working there, I love the building! The suites are so beautiful. Every time I went into the suite, I start imagine if I'm the tourist over there, how good it will be. XD I love sea, I love sky, that's why I love E & O. hehe

I went to Front Office, Farquhar's bar and 1885 fine dining restaurant for my training. Enjoy working with all of them, the management people, the staff, the chef, the steward, the housekeeper, the security and etc, everyone are so kind to me.

Thanks to everyone for teaching me so much during my training period. Seriously, i enjoy working with all of you, you guys gave me a very good experience and unforgettable memories. I will always remember these and I seriously miss all of you!! :(

Thank you so much! I love you all! *a big hug to everyone*

My GM, Mr. Marco.
His secretary, Ms. Diana.
Executive Chef, Chef BOB.
Front Office Team.
1885's team.
Farquhar's Bar's team.
Sarkies Corner Team.
Security & Safety Team.

Trainee from KDU.

A nice guy, Hans. 
See Tiang!! 

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