Sunday, January 24, 2010

Case 39

went to gurney last thursday after class with ranny,pei wei,jeremy,joanne,jenny & christel. we reached there around 11something then we hang arounf wait for jenny & christel because they have meeting. after that we went to kim gary have our lunch then we went to watch movie,Case 39. the movie was nice, almost all of us get shocked.LOL!

at cinema's toilet.

look at ranny,she say carefuuuuuuuuu~XD

because we have 7people so we get lucky draw and this is the prize.we use it for next week.=D

jenny & me.

me & pei wei.

me & jeremy.

Lady Christel & me.

Ranny & me.

our food.XD

While eating:

me & Joanne.

the girls.

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